5th Year Anniversary

Volume 5 – Number 14
July 16 – 31, 2014
ISSN 2155-9813 & OCLC 643344343

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  1. NOD launches Kidney Konnection

    Continuing the celebration of our 5th year anniversary, Nephrology On-Demand is proud to launch Kidney Konnection, a newsletter designed specifically for medical students and residents in Internal Medicine. Kidney Konnection will discuss interesting and current topics in nephrology in a sophisticated yet germane manner for students and residents.

    Kidney Konnection is free for all users of the NOD Plus App (visit Education –> Special Features to access all issues).

  2. NOD publishes latest manuscript

    NOD is proud to have published its latest manuscript. Entitled Factors that contribute to social media influence within an Internal Medicine Twitter learning community, this original research helps to quantify social media influence amongst physicians and other healthcare providers within the backchannel of a medical conference.

    Click here for the full-text manuscript or view more of our research.

  3. Nephrology On-Demand Plus: Now available on the App Store

    Continuing our 5th anniversary celebration, NOD is proud to launch Nephrology On-Demand Plus, our full-featured iOS 7 app for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad.

    Available as a free download, Nephrology On-Demand Plus is intended to integrate kidney education, training, and recruitment.

    Explore Nephrology On-Demand Plus today: link to the App Store

  4. NOD revitalizes academic partnership with F1000 Research

    To celebrate our 5th year anniversary, NOD has revitalized its academic partnership with F1000 Research. Young investigators, registered with NOD, will continue to receive 50% off all article processing charges for submissions (including retrospective and original investigations, large or small). Take advantage of NOD Peer Reviews and 50% off APCs with an increasingly visible open access biomedical journal.

    If you are already a registered NOD user, stay tuned for emails providing the discount code.

    If you’d like to become a registered NOD user, click here.


  1. The Fundamentals of Diuretics

    A classic review of the fundamental mechanisms of action of diuretics.

    [click here]

  2. Kidney Konnection Issue One

    Our inaugural issue is now available for download.

    [click here]

  3. Genetic Disorders and Kidney Disease

    A detailed review of common genetic disorders and their nephrologic (renal) manifestations.

    [click here]

  4. The Kidney in Pregnancy

    A comprehensive review of the changes in kidney function in the pregnant female.

    [click here]


  1. Discussion Board re-designed

    The NOD Discussion Board has been completely re-designed to improve the user experience. You can now search for topics, read and add comments quicker, and share any discussion through Facebook or Twitter. Questions asked are still answered within 24-36 hours.

    Click here to see the new Discussion Board.