5th Year Anniversary

Volume 5 – Number 17
October 1 – 31, 2014
ISSN 2155-9813 & OCLC 643344343

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  1. NOD + Version 6.6 now available

    NOD + version 6.6 is now available, with real-time data of fellow duty hours and procedures. In addition, five (5) new Directly Observed Evaluations (DOE) are available, allowing the faculty to evaluate fellows at the point-of-care. These ACGME-mandated evaluations provide the fellow with documented real-time evaluations that can be used to improve practice patterns.

    Download NOD + version 6.6 today by using the link to the right.

  2. NOD continues its academic partnership with F1000 Research

    To celebrate our 5th year anniversary, NOD continues its academic partnership with F1000 Research. Young investigators, registered with NOD, will continue to receive 50% off all article processing charges for submissions (including retrospective and original investigations, large or small). Take advantage of NOD Peer Reviews and 50% off APCs with an increasingly visible open access biomedical journal.

    If you are already a registered NOD user, stay tuned for emails providing the discount code.

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  1. Acthar Gel for Membranous Nephritis

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  2. Kidney Konnection: Updated Issue

    The fourth issue is now available

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  1. New question on the Discussion Board: Ranexa in ESRD patients
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  • Nephrology On-Demand Plus

    Our full-featured iOS app for the iPhone and iPad. NOD + integrates
    1. kidney education,
    2. training, and
    3. recruitment

    into a streamlined and user-friendly interface.


  • Kidney Konnection

    A newsletter that discusses sophisticated topics in Nephrology for physicians in Internal Medicine.
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