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Meet 19 new EC Scholars

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Future engineers, physicians and musicians are among the 19 incoming East Carolina University freshmen selected for the prestigious EC Scholars Program.

The four-year merit scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance, commitment to community engagement and strong leadership skills. Recipients are admitted to East Carolina University’s Honors College and receive a scholarship for four years, along with a stipend for study abroad, for a total value of approximately $61,000.

The entering Class of 2017 EC Scholar recipients have completed a rigorous three-tier selection process that includes: meeting the Honors College admissions criteria, having an additional faculty review and completing an on-campus interview. The incoming EC Scholar recipients have an average combined math/verbal SAT score of 1344 and an average unweighted GPA of 3.92.

For additional information on the EC Scholars Program, visit http://www.ecu.edu/ecscholars/ or contact Dr. Katie O’Connor, director of EC Scholars, at 252-328-6373 or oconnork@ecu.edu.

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