CHILDREN’S BOOKS A baby elephant in the wild / by Caitlin O’Connell ; photographs by Caitlin O’Connell & Timothy Rodwell.
Amazing feats of aerospace engineering / by Angie Smibert ; content consultant, Mark Sensmeier, Associate Professor and Chair, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Amazing feats of civil engineering / by L.E. Carmichael ; content consultant, David A. Lange, Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Argentina / Julie Murray.
China / Jillian Powell.
East Asian cultures in perspective / Joanne Mattern.
Emperor Qin’s terra-cotta army / by Diane Bailey ; content consultant, John Kong-Cheong Leung, Associate Professor of Asian History, Northern Arizona University.
Everyone is equal : the kids’ book of tolerance / Anders Hanson ; consulting editor, Diane Craig, M.A., Reading Specialist.
Extreme trees : and how they got that way. / by Ellen Lawrence.
Famous rocks / by Ellen Lawrence.
Fossils / by Chris Bowman.
Great Britain / Cath Senker.
Helping our veterans / Tammy Gagne.
How do volcanoes make rock? : a look at igneous rock / by Ellen Lawrence.
How plants clean the air : one leaf at at time / by Ellen Lawrence.
How volcanoes shape the earth / Megan Cuthbert and Jared Siemens.
Igneous rocks / by Lisa Owings.
Israel / Joy Gregory.
James Madison / Pamela McDowell.
Japan / Pamela McDowell.
King Tut’s tomb / by Shannon Baker Moore ; content consultant, Elizabeth McGovern, Egyptologist and adjunct lecturer, New York University.
Liquids and solids / by Ellen Lawrence.
Louisiana Creole and Cajun cultures in perspective / Kathleen Tracy.
Magnets / by Ellen Lawrence.
Metamorphic rocks / by Jennifer Swanson.
Minerals / by Chris Bowman.
New Zealand / Julie Murray.
Nicaragua / by Lisa Owings.
No bullies allowed! : the kids’ book of dealing with bullies / Anders Hanson ; Consulting Editor, Diane Craig, M.A., Reading Specialist.
Singapore / by Lisa Owings.
Slavery in the United States / by Rebecca Rissman.
The evolution of government and politics in China / by Earle Rice Jr.
The evolution of government and politics in France / John Bankston.
The Jim Crow Era / by Kathleen M. Muldoon.
Understanding Afghanistan today / Don Nardo.