BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Consumer market research handbook / editors, Robert M. Worcester, John Downham.
The international franchise option / Mark Abell.
The last best place? : gender, family, and migration in the new West / Leah Schmalzbauer.
The standard of living / Amartya Sen and John Muellbauer [and others] ; edited by Geoffrey Hawthorn.
CLASSICAL STUDIES, FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES A history of ancient philosophy / Giovanni Reale.
A history of ancient philosophy / Giovanni Reale.
A history of ancient philosophy / Giovanni Reale.
Approaches to teaching Goethe’s Faust / edited by Douglas J. McMillan ; consultant editor, Cyrus Hamlin.
Garcâia Lorca, by Edwin Honig …
EDUCATION Bully : an action plan for teachers and parents to combat the bullying crisis / edited by Lee Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen ; with Dina Santorelli.
EDUCATION The Child’s conception of language / editors, A. Sinclair, R.J. Jarvella, W.J.M. Levelt.
HEALTH SCIENCES Acting-in; practical applications of psychodramatic methods [by] Howard A. Blatner.
Exercise testing and exercise prescription for special cases : theoretical basis and clinical application / [edited by] James S. Skinner.
Human sexuality : a health practitioner’s text / edited by Richard Green ; with 25 contributors.
Psychological therapies for adults with intellectual disabilities / Edited by John L. Taylor, William R Lindsay, Richard P. Hastings and Chris Hatton.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES A study of Maya art, its subject matter and historical development / Herbert J. Spinden ; with a new introd. and bibliography by J. Eric S. Thompson.
America’s navy in world war II [by] Gilbert Cant.
China’s civil war : a social history, 1945-1949 / Diana Lary, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
Decolonization and the Cold War : negotiating independence / edited by Leslie James and Elisabeth Leake.
Josâe Martâi, architect of Cuba’s freedom / Peter Turton.
My life; an attempt at an autobiography.
Nazi Germany : confronting the myths / Catherine Epstein.
Not our war : writings against the First World War / edited and introduced by AW Zurbrugg.
Richmond after the war, 1865-1890 / Michael B. Chesson.
Suicide or survival? : the challenge of the year 2000 / Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow [and others].
The blue, the gray, and the green : toward an environmental history of the Civil War / edited by Brian Allen Drake.
The global Atlantic : 1400 to 1900 / Christoph Strobel.
The myth of the lost cause, 1865-1900, by Rollin G. Osterweis.
The papers of James Madison : presidential series / edited by Robert A. Rutland [and others].
William Jennings Bryan : II. Progressive politician and moral statesman, 1909-1915 / by Paolo E. Coletta.
William Jennings Bryan : III. Political Puritan, 1915-1925 / by Paolo E. Coletta.
LIBRARY SCIENCE The Survey of Public Library Fundraising Practices.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES Alfred Hitchcock presents stories my mother never told me.
Along came a spider / James Patterson.
Faith and folly in Shakespeare’s romantic comedies / R. Chris Hassel, Jr.
Hype : bestsellers and literary culture / edited by Jon Helgason, Sara Kèarrholm and Ann Steiner.
Melville’s early life and Redburn, by William H. Gilman.
Other people’s money : the ultimate seduction / Jerry Sterner.
Peter Brook’s production of William Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Interviews with director, designer, composer, cast and crew; set and costume designs and data … Editing and interviews by Glenn Loney.
Peter Brook’s production of William Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Interviews with director, designer, composer, cast and crew; set and costume designs and data … Editing and interviews by Glenn Loney.
Redburn : his first voyage : being the sailor-boy confessions and reminiscences of the son-of-gentleman, in the merchant service / Herman Melville.
MUSIC, THEATRE, & DANCE Calavera : solo flute / Alice Gomez.
Deja vu : for 5 players / Ross Bauer.
Jazz Cleopatra : Josephine Baker in her time / by Phyllis Rose.
Modern dance: the Jooss-Leeder Method; foreword by Rudolf Laban, preface by A.V. Coton, with 275 drawings by Peter Krummins and 11 diagrams.
Sechs Trienter codices. 4. Auswahl : geistliche und weltliche Kompositionen des XV. Jhs. / bearbeitet von Rudolf Ficker und Alfred Orel.
The untold story; the life of Isadora Duncan, 1921-1927, by Mary Desti …
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Consider Leviathan : narratives of nature and the self in Job / Brian R. Doak.
Guaranteed pure : the Moody Bible Institute, business, and the making of modern evangelicalism / Timothy E.W. Gloege.
History of the Y.M.C.A. in North America / by C. Howard Hopkins.
Politics and society in the Old Testament / S.C. Carpenter.
The sufficiency of hope : the conceptual foundations of religion / James L. Muyskens.
PSYCHOLOGY Children’s fears, by Arthur T. Jersild and Frances B. Holmes.
Psychology of touch and blindness / Morton A. Heller and Edouard Gentaz.
The Rorschach technique with children and adolescents; application and norms [by] Eugene E. Levitt and Aare Truumaa.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Depositional environments as interpreted from primary sedimentary structures and stratification sequences / J.C. Harms [and others].
Emulation and invention / by Brooke Hindle.
Handbook of plastics and elastomers / Charles A. Harper, editor-in-chief.
Multimodal transport systems / edited by Slim Hammadi, Mekki Ksouri.
Neural connections, mental computation / Lynn Nadel [and others], editors.
SOCIAL SCIENCES A practical guide to computer forensics investigations / Dr. Darren R. Hayes.
Alcohol and the family : a comprehensive bibliography / compiled by Grace M. Barnes and Diane K. Augustino.
Anti-armour warfare / Charles Messenger.
Boko Haram : inside Nigeria’s unholy war / Mike Smith.
Brief statement on the activities of the League of Nations and its organs in 1940 and 1941 / submitted by the Acting Secretary-General.
British capitalism and Caribbean slavery : the legacy of Eric Williams / [edited by] Barbara L. Solow, Stanley L. Engerman.
Cheap on crime : recession-era politics and the transformation of American punishment / Hadar Aviram.
Communicating in sign : creative ways to learn American Sign Language (ASL) / written by Diane P. Chambers, with Lee Ann Chearney ; edited by D. Keith Robertson ; illustrations by Paul M. Setzer ; with an introduction by Bernard Bragg.
Comparative criminal justice / Francis Pakes.
Deaf education in the 21st century : topics and trends / Nanci A. Scheetz.
Drivers of corruption : a brief review / Tina S²reide.
Drones and targeted killing : legal, moral, and geopolitical issues / edited by Marjorie Cohn ; with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Estimation of natural groundwater recharge / edited by I. Simmers.
Getting away with murder : the twentieth-century struggle for civil rights in the U.S. Senate / Vanessa A. Holloway.
Karl Marx, his life and environment / Isaiah Berlin.
Karl Marx, his life and environment.
Language and deafness / Peter V. Paul.
Law and the lawless; a reader in criminology [by] Gresham M. Sykes [and] Thomas E. Drabek.
Marxism and social democracy : the Revisionist Debate 1896-1898 / edited and translated by H. Tudor and J.M. Tudor ; with an introduction by H. Tudor.
New approaches to countering terrorism : designing and evaluating counter radicalization and de-radicalization programs / Hamed El-Said.
Online offending behaviour and child victimization : new findings and policy / edited by Stephen Webster, Julia Davidson, Antonia Bifulco.
Peace veterans; the story of a racket, and a plea for economy.
Punishment and social structure, by Georg Rusche and Otto Kirchheimer. With a foreword by Thorsten Sellin.
Putting terrorism in context : lessons from the global terrorism database / Gary LaFree, Laura Dugan and Erin Miller.
Race talk and the conspiracy of silence : understanding and facilitating difficult dialogues on race / Derald Wing Sue.
Routledge international handbook of race, class and gender / edited by Shirley Jackson.
Social deviance / edited by Ronald A. Farrell and Victoria Lynn Swigert.
Social networks in urban situations: analyses of personal relationships in Central African towns; edited by J. Clyde Mitchell.
The art of loving / by Erich Fromm.
The birth of politics : eight Greek and Roman political ideas and why they matter / Melissa Lane.
The discovery of death in childhood and after.
The heroin solution / Arnold S. Trebach.
Tourism enterprise : developments, management and sustainability / David Leslie.
Vivisection in historical perspective / edited by Nicolaas A. Rupke.
Woman’s almanac : 12 how-to handbooks in one / compiled and edited by Kathryn Paulsen and Ryan A. Kuhn ; designed by Holly Alderman McLellan.
Women in the Third World : a directory of resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN American art of the 20th century.
Architecture and urban design / W. Houghton Evans.
Art deco tableware : British domestic ceramics, 1925-1939 / Judy Spours.
Das Dèurer Stammbuch von 1828 : [Ausstellung. Dèurerhaus, 18. Mai-2. Sept. 1973 / hrsg. von d. Museen d. Stadt Nèurnberg. Bearb.: Matthias Mende u. Inge Hebecker].
Environmental design [by] Richard P. Dober.
Fine woodworking design book three : 558 photographs of the best work in wood by 540 craftspeople / selected by the editors of Fine woodworking magazine.
Manual of woodcut printmaking and related techniques / Walter Chamberlain.
Oriental rugs and the stories they tell / Arthur T. Gregorian.
Painting people / by Burt Silverman.
Printmaking : the evolving image : an exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the museum’s Print Department
Professional handweaving on the fly-shuttle loom / Laya Brostoff.
Simple printmaking with children [by] Harvey Daniels and Silvie Turner.
The significant moderns and their pictures, by C.J. Bulliet; with 274 reproductions.