CHILDREN’S BOOKS 3D modeling / by Theo Zizka.
Angel Island immigration / Jamie Kallio.
Are you a ewe? / by Rebecca Felix.
Aztec Empire / Valerie Bodden.
Be safe around strangers / Bridget Heos ; illustrated by Silvia Baroncelli.
Be safe around water / Bridget Heos ; illustrated by Silvia Baroncelli.
Big machines build! / Catherine Veitch.
Big, bigger, biggest / by Rebecca Felix.
Bluebird / Lindsey Yankey.
Careers in engineering / Bonnie Szumski.
Chinese immigrants, 1850-1900 / by Kay Melchisedech Olson.
Crime : Q & A / Janice Parker.
Designing a winning science fair project / by Sandra Buczynski.
Do you really want to visit a coral reef? / written by Bridget Heos ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri.
Do you really want to visit a temperate forest? / written by Bridget Heos ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri.
Egyptian pyramids / by Elizabeth Raum.
Food colors : from blueberries to beets / by Joyce Markovics.
Greece / Valerie Bodden.
Growing new plants / by Jennifer Colby.
Hurricane : perspectives on storm disasters / Andrew Langley.
Hydropower / by Diane Bailey.
I throw up / Katie Marsico.
Irish immigrants, 1840-1920 / by Megan O’Hara.
Italian immigrants, 1880-1920 / by Anne M. Todd.
Let’s think about the internet and social media / Alex Woolf.
Life during the Crusades / Stuart A. Kallen.
Life during the Spanish Inquisition / Adam Woog.
Life story of a butterfly / Charlotte Guillain.
Life story of a frog / Charlotte Guillain.
Meats and proteins / by Allison Lassieur.
Medieval knights and chivalry / Don Nardo.
Medieval punishment and torture / Stephen Currie.
Mount Rushmore : myths, legends, and facts / by Jessica Gunderson.
My body needs exercise / by Jenna Lee Gleisner.
My body needs to be clean / by Jenna Lee Gleisner.
Not a lot, robot! / by Marie Powell ; Illustrated by Amy Cartwright.
Notre Dame / Shenaaz Nanji.
Online privacy and business / Carla Mooney.
Positive reaction! : a crash course in science / by Sara L. Latta.
Rain forest / written by Margot Channing ; illustrated by Carolyn Scrace.
Salt Lake Temple / Jennifer Howse.
Short, shorter, shortest / by Rebecca Felix.
Solar power / by Diane Bailey.
Spider / Valerie Bodden.
Stonehenge / Stephen Currie.
Strike it rich! : the story of the California Gold Rush / by Brianna Hall.
Sydney Opera House / Sheelagh Matthews and Heather Kissock.
Taj Mahal / by Elizabeth Raum.
The Declaration of Independence / Hal Marcovitz.
The digestive system / by Simon Rose.
The First Olympics of ancient Greece / by Lisa M. Bolt Simons.
The history of slavery / Hal Marcovitz.
The history of video games / Lydia Bjornlund.
The Louvre / by Jennifer Howse.
The nervous system / by Simon Rose.
The Panama Canal / Stephen Currie.
The relocation of the American Indian / Don Nardo.
The rise of Islam / Toney Allman.
The Russian Federation : then and now / John Allen.
The science of a volcanic eruption / Samantha Bell.
The Scorch trials / James Dashner.
The seasons’ colors : how they change / by Joyce Markovics.
They won one! / by Rebecca Felix.
Tornado : perspectives on tornado disasters / Ben Hubbard.
Video games, violence, and crime / Patricia D. Netzley.
Waste : Q & A / Melanie Ostopowich.
We celebrate Hanukkah in winter / by Rebecca Felix.
World War II U.S. homefront / Martin Gitlin.