BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Brewing justice : fair trade coffee, sustainability, and survival / Daniel Jaffee.
Oil, illiberalism, and war : an analysis of energy and US foreign policy / Andrew T. Price-Smith.
EDUCATION Organizing Enlightenment : information overload and the invention of the modern research university / Chad Wellmon.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Cervantes’ Don Quixote / Roberto Gonzâalez Echevarrâia.
Machado de Assis : a literary life / K. David Jackson.
HEALTH SCIENCES Mindfulness-based treatment approaches : clinician’s guide to evidence base and applications / edited by Ruth A. Baer.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES After the fact : the Holocaust in twenty-first century documentary film / Brad Prager.
The age of acquiescence : the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power / Steve Fraser.
Charles I and the people of England / David Cressy.
Charleston in black and white : Race and power in the south after the civil rights movement / Steve Estes.
East meets black : Asian and black masculinities in the post-civil rights era / Chong Chon-Smith.
God and Uncle Sam : religion and America’s armed forces in World War II / Michael Snape.
The greater war : other combatants and other fronts, 1914-1918 / Jonathan Krause, University of Portsmouth, UK.
The Holocaust : origins, implementation, aftermath / edited by Omer Bartov.
Holocaust representations in history : an introduction / Daniel H. Magilow and Lisa Silverman.
The idea of Europe / George Steiner ; introductory essay by Rob Riemen.
In defense of the founders republic : critics of direct democracy in the Progressive Era / edited by Lonce H. Bailey and Jerome M. Mileur.
Leading the historical enterprise : strategic creativity, planning, and advocacy for the digital age / Bruce W. Dearstyne.
The making and breaking of Soviet Lithuania : memory and modernity in the wake of war / Violeta Davoliåutçe.
Medieval Dublin XIV : proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2012 / Seâan Duffy, editor.
Met his every goal? : James K. Polk and the legends of Manifest Destiny / Tom Chaffin.
On to the Chesapeake Bay! : the fascinating story of the two expeditions to the Chesapeake Bay in 1781 by the French Navy at Newport, Rhode Island / Oscar Rodrâiguez-Morâan.
Rethinking the Chicano movement / Marc Simon Rodriguez.
Shadow Cold War : the Sino-Soviet split and the Third World / Jeremy Friedman.
Shame : how America’s past sins have polarized our country / Shelby Steele.
Ten books that shaped the British empire : creating an imperial commons / Antoinette Burton and Isabel Hofmeyr, editors.
Thomas Cromwell : the untold story of Henry VIII’s most faithful servant / Tracy Borman.
Victims and survivors of Nazi human experiments : science and suffering in the Holocaust / Paul Weindling.
LIBRARY SCIENCE Big data, little data, no data : scholarship in the networked world / Christine L. Borgman.
Rhetoric and the digital humanities / [edited by] Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES The Cambridge companion to Ulysses / edited by Sean Latham, University of Tulsa.
The Cambridge introduction to Jane Austen / Janet Todd.
Dancer : a novel / Colum McCann.
A descant for gossips / Thea Astley.
Dust / Ann McMan.
The grass catcher : a digression about home / Ian Wedde.
Jack London : a writer’s fight for a better America / Cecelia Tichi.
Murder?– at Stratford?– : the six Shakespeare murders by the King James gang / [Daniel E. Schneider].
Paper woman : a novel of the American Revolution / by Suzanne Adair.
The psychology of the language learner revisited / Zoltâan Dèornyei and Stephen Ryan.
Richard Ford and the ends of realism / Ian McGuire.
The soldier and the hunter / William S. Mann, Jr.
Three days / by Paxton Davis.
Towards a literature of knowledge / Jerome J. McGann.
Zulfikar Ghose : the lost son of the Punjab / by Mansoor Abbasi.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION The end of meaning : studies in catastrophe / by Matthew Gumpert.
Heidegger’s confessions : The remains of Saint Augustine in being and time and beyond / Ryan Coyne.
Holy war, martyrdom, and terror : Christianity, violence, and the West, ca. 70 C.E. to the Iraq War / Philippe Buc.
John Knox / Jane Dawson.
Maimonides and the book that changed Judaism : secrets of The guide for the perplexed / Micah Goodman.
Science and the end of ethics / Stephen G. Morris.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Bringing it to the table : on farming and food / Wendell Berry ; introduction by Michael Pollan.
Computation, proof, machine : mathematics enters a new age / Gilles Dowek, French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) ; translated from the French by Pierre Guillot and Marion Roman.
Diet for a small planet / Frances Moore Lappâe ; illustrations by Marika Hahn.
It from bit or bit from it? : on physics and information / Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya Merali, editors.
Migration ecology of marine fishes / David Hallock Secor.
The sound studies reader / edited by Jonathan Sterne.
SOCIAL SCIENCES The business of America is lobbying : how corporations became politicized and politics became more corporate / Lee Drutman.
Ethnographies of youth and temporality : time objectified / [edited by] Anne Line Dalsgard… [et al.].
Handbook of beach and shoreface morphodynamics / edited by Andrew D. Short.
Investigating social problems / A. Javier Treviäno.
Making sense of Marshall Ledbetter : the dark side of political protest / Daniel M. Harrison.
Place Matters : metropolitics for the twentyfirst century / Peter Dreier, John Mollenkopf & Todd Swanstrom.
Reconstructing rage : transformative reentry in the era of mass incarceration / Townsand Price-Spratlen, William Goldsby.
Strangers no more : immigration and the challenges of integration in North America and Western Europe / Richard Alba and Nancy Foner.
Women in early America / edited by Thomas A. Foster ; foreword by Carol Berkin ; afterword by Jennifer L. Morgan.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN The craft and art of clay : a complete potter’s handbook / Susan Peterson, Jan Peterson.
Democratic art : the New Deal’s influence on American culture / Sharon Ann Musher.
Kehinde Wiley : the world stage : India, Sri Lanka / essay by Gayatri Sinha.
The world stage : Africa, Lagos-Dakar / Kehinde Wiley.