BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Agricultural finance : an introduction to micro and macro concepts / John B. Penson, Jr., David A. Lins.
Cityport industrialization and regional development : spatial analysis and planning strategies / edited by B. S. Hoyle and D. A. Pinder.
The development and structure of the furniture industry / [by] J. L. Oliver.
European port cities in transition / edited by B.S. Hoyle and D.A. Pinder.
The Making of King’s Lynn : a documentary survey / edited by Dorothy M. Owen.
The Netherlands / David Pinder.
The new Europe : economy, society, and environment / edited by David Pinder.
Western Europe : challenge and change / edited by David Pinder for the Institute of British Geographers.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES The Amazonian languages / edited by R.M.W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald.
The book of the knight Zifar : a translation of El libro del cavallero Zifar / Charles L. Nelson.
Desire and dissent : an introduction to Luis Antonio de Villena / Chris Perriam.
A new history of Spanish writing, 1939 to the 1990s / Chris Perriam [and others].
Palestine’s children : Returning to Haifa and other stories / Ghassan Kanafani ; translated by Barbara Harlow and Karen E. Riley ; with an introduction to the work and a biographical essay on Ghassan Kanafani.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES The British and French mandates in comparative perspectives / edited by Nadine Mâeouchy and Peter Sluglett ; with Gâerard Khoury and Geoffrey Schad = Les mandats franðcais et anglais dans une perspective comparative
Edward II / Seymour Phillips.
The final mission of Bottoms Up : a World War II pilot’s story / Dennis R. Okerstrom.
Memoir of Mrs. Mary Reynolds Page / [edited by A. G. Pease].
Physics methods in archaeometry / edited by A. Martini, M. Milazzo and M. Piacentini, directors of the course, Varenna on Como Lake, Villa Monastero, 17-27 June 2003.
Racing up hill : selected papers of Azerbaijan’s first ambassador to the United States of America / Hafiz M. Pashayev.
LIBRARY SCIENCE Designing library buildings for activity / [by] J. M. Orr.
Libraries as communication systems / J. M. Orr.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES A year with George Herbert : a guide to fifty-two of his best loved poems / Jim Scott Orrick.
Carmen : from silent film to MTV / edited by Chris Perriam and Ann Davies.
Early modern English poetry : a critical companion / edited by Patrick Cheney, Andrew Hadfield, Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.
My word is my bond : a memoir / Roger Moore ; with Gareth Owen.
Stars and masculinities in Spanish cinema : from Banderas to Bardem / Chris Perriam.
We changed the world : memoirs of a CNN global satellite pioneer / Sidney Pike.
MUSIC Ayres, songs and dialogues / Robert Johnson ; transcribed and edited by Ian Spink.
Concerto for flute and piano / Khachaturian ; edited and provided with a cadenza by Jean-Pierre Rampal.
Elsa’s procession to the cathedral : for tuba/euphonium quartet or ensemble / Richard Wagner ; arr. Gail Robertson.
Second book of ayres : (c. 1613) / Thomas Campion ; transcribed and edited by David Scott.
Sonata no. 3 in A minor / Antonio Vivaldi ; transcribed and edited for bass tuba and piano by R. Winston Morris.
Songs for the lute, viol and voice (1606) / John Danyel ; edited by Edmund H. Fellowes and revised by David Scott under the direction of Thurston Dart.
Songs from manuscript sources / transcribed and edited by David Greer.
Third book of ayres : (c. 1617) / Thomas Campion ; edited by Edmund H. Fellowes ; revised by Thurston Dart.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Bertrand Russell and the British tradition in philosophy / [by] D. F. Pears.
David Hume : a symposium / by Stuart Hampshire [and others] Edited by D. F. Pears.
The false prison : a study of the development of Wittgenstein’s philosophy / David Pears.
Freedom and the will.
Hume’s system : an examination of the first book of his Treatise / David Pears.
Kant : making reason intuitive / edited by Kyriaki Goudeli, Pavlos Kontos and Ioli Patellis.
Ludwig Wittgenstein / [by] David Pears.
Questions in the philosophy of mind / David Pears.
What is knowledge? / [By] David Pears.
Wittgensteinian themes : essays in honour of David Pears / edited by David Charles and William Child.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Algebraic geometry II / David Mumford, Brown University, USA ; Tadao Oda, Tohoku University, Japan.
Geometry, topology, and mathematical physics : S.P. Novikov’s seminar: 2002-2003 / V.M. Buchstaber, I.M. Krichever, editors.
Plant fossils of West Virginia and adjacent areas / William H. Gillespie, John A. Clendening, Hermann W. Pfefferkorn.
Solved problems in classical mechanics : analytical and numerical solutions with comments / O.L. de Lange and J. Pierrus.
SOCIAL SCIENCES The behaviour change wheel : a guide to designing Interventions / Susan Michie, Lou Atkins, Robert West.
Crimes against women : proceedings of the international tribunal / compiled and edited by Diana E.H. Russell, Nicole Van de Ven.
Revitalising the waterfront : international dimensions of dockland redevelopment / edited by B.S. Hoyle, D.A. Pinder, and M.S. Husain.