EDUCATION Organization and administration of adult education programs : a guide for practitioners / Steven W. Schmidt, East Carolina University; Susan M. Yelich Biniecki, Kansas State University.
Reparation and reconciliation : the rise and fall of integrated higher education / Christi M. Smith.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES A hero of our time : a novel / Mikhail Lermontov ; translated from the Russian and with an introduction by Elizabeth Cheresh Allen.
Rummelplatz / Werner Brèaunig ; translated by Samuel P. Willcocks.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES The Almoravid and Almohad empires / Amira K. Bennison.
Archaeological variability and interpretation in global perspective / edited by Alan P. Sullivan III and Deborah I. Olszewski.
Canoes : a natural history in North America / Mark Neuzil and Norman Sims ; foreword by John McPhee.
Holocaust : an American understanding / Deborah E. Lipstadt.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES Do not say we have nothing : a novel / Madeleine Thien.
Jane Eyre : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Charlotte Brontèe ; edited by Deborah Lutz.
Spa night / produced by David Ariniello, Giulia Caruso, Ki Jin Kim, Kelly Thomas ; written and directed by Andrew Ahn.
MUSIC The Fritz Kreisler collection / compilation and introductory notes by Eric Wen.
Machaut’s Mass : an introduction / Daniel Leech-Wilkinson.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION The Rabbi saved by Hitler’s soldiers : Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and his astonishing rescue / Bryan Mark Rigg.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Conquering the physics GRE / Yoni Kahn, Adam Anderson.
Differential geometry of curves and surfaces / Kristopher Tapp.
Fundamentals of physics II : electromagnetism, optics, and quantum mechanics / R. Shankar.
How the mind works / Steven Pinker.
Lecture notes on Newtonian mechanics : lessons from modern concepts / Ilya L. Shapiro, Guilherme de Berredo-Peixoto.
The mind / Richard M. Restak.
Problems and solutions in introductory mechanics / David J. Morin.
SOCIAL SCIENCES Choreographies of 21st century wars / edited by Gay Morris and Jens Richard Giersdorf.
Explaining Russian foreign policy behavior : theory and practice / Alexander Sergunin.
The success paradox : why we need a holistic theory of social mobility / Graeme Atherton.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN Playing with earth and sky : astronomy, geography, and the art of Marcel Duchamp / James Housefield.