FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES The learned ones : Nahua intellectuals in postconquest Mexico / Kelly S. McDonough.
HEALTH SCIENCES Beyond humanity? : the ethics of biomedical enhancement / Allen Buchanan.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES The comfort women : historical, political, legal and moral perspectives / Kumagai Naoko ; translated by David Noble.
The original American spies : seven covert agents of the Revolutionary War / Paul R. Misencik.
Wilmington on fire  / Speller Street Films presents ; in association with Double7 Images ; a Christopher Everett film ; producer, Blackhouse Publishing ; director and producer, Christopher Everett.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES American autobiography after 9/11 / Megan Brown.
Building bridges through writing / Trixie G. Smith & Allison D. Smith, with Holly Hamby.
Ecocriticism on the edge : the anthropocene as a threshold concept / Timothy Clark.
Irony and the modern theatre / William Storm.
Salty dog talk : the nautical origins of everyday expressions / Bill Beavis and Richard G. McCloskey.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Charts on the life, letters, and theology of Paul / Lars Kierspel.
Decolonizing African religions : a short history of African religions in western scholarship / Okot p’Bitek ; introduction by Kwasi Wiredu.
How like a god : deification in Japanese religion / Sato Hiroo ; translated by David Noble.
Malcolm X and Africa / A.B. Assensoh and Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh.
Not God’s people : insiders and outsiders in the biblical world / Lawrence M. Wills.
Satan in America : the Devil we know / W. Scott Poole.
Unfit for the future : the need for moral enhancement / Ingmar Persson &, Julian Savulescu.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Modern refrigeration and air conditioning / by Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, Alfred F. Bracciano, Daniel C. Bracciano, Gloria M. Bracciano.
SOCIAL SCIENCES The all new don’t think of an elephant! : know your values and frame the debate / George Lakoff.
The Arras witch treatises : Johannes Tinctor’s Invectives contre la secte de vauderie and the Recollectio casus
Freedom of speech and the function of rhetoric in the United States / Michael Donnelly.
Gender and sustainability : lessons from Asia and Latin America / Marâia Luz Cruz-Torres and Pamela McElwee, editors.
The life of lines / Tim Ingold.
Polygyny : what it means when african american muslim women share their husbands/ Debra Majeed.
Smoke signals : selected writing / Simon Chapman.
Smoking and health : a report of the Surgeon General.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN Decolonizing nature : contemporary art and the politics of ecology / T.J. Demos.
Humor in craft / Brigitte Martin.
Wild color : the complete guide to making and using natural dyes / Jenny Dean.