BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Aroma, un modelo de colonizaciâon por transplante de poblaciones : informe sobre la experiencia de la Cooperativa Aroma, en el departamento de Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 1957 / Eduardo Arze Loureiro.
Big oil in the United States : industry influence on institutions, policy, and politics / Jerry A. McBeath.
Capitalism and desire : the psychic cost of free markets / Todd McGowan.
Consumer equality : race and the American marketplace / Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Anne-Marie Hakstian, and Jerome D. Williams.
The creation of wealth and poverty : means and ways / Hassan Bougrine.
Drought, water law, and the origins of California’s Central Valley project / Tim Stroshane.
Economic and monetary union / Michele Chang.
Ethics in advertising : making the case for doing the right thing / by Wally Snyder.
Federal taxation in America : a history / W. Elliot Brownlee, University of California, Santa Barbara.
From Goodwill to grunge : a history of secondhand styles and alternative economies / Jennifer Le Zotte.
The information nexus : global capitalism from the Renaissance to the present / Steven G. Marks, Clemson University.
Job loss, identity, and mental health / Dawn R. Norris.
Powerhouse : insider accounts into the world’s top high-performance organizations / Brian MacNeice and James Bowen.
Programming Microsoft Office 365 : covers Microsoft Graph, Office 365 applications, SharePoint add-ins, Office 365 Groups, and more / Paolo Pialorsi.
Wealth of persons : economics with a human face / John McNerney ; foreword by David Walsh.
EDUCATION Beyond the skills gap : preparing college students for life and work / Matthew T. Hora, with Ross J. Benbow and Amanda K. Oleson.
Charter schools at the crossroads : predicaments, paradoxes, possibilities / Chester E. Finn, Jr., Bruno V. Manno, Brandon L. Wright.
Confirmatory feedback in teacher education : an instigator of student teacher learning / Nur Kurtoæglu-Hooton.
Continuity in children’s worlds : choices and consequences for early childhood settings / Melissa M. Jozwiak, Betsy J. Cahill, Rachel Theilheimer ; Foreword by Beth Blue Swadener.
Creating a culture of accessibility in the sciences / Mahadeo A. Sukhai, University of Toronto and Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada and Chelsea E. Mohler, National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), Ottawa.
Defying standardization : creating curriculum for an uncertain future / Christopher H. Tienken.
From high school to college : gender, immigrant generation, and race-ethnicity / Charles Hirschman.
Have a little faith : religion, democracy, and the American public school / Benjamin Justice, Colin Macleod.
Pluralism and American public education : no one way to school / Ashley Rogers Berner.
Promoting student happiness : positive psychology interventions in schools / Shannon M. Suldo.
Religion and higher education in Europe and North America / edited by Kristin Aune and Jacqueline Stevenson.
Rethinking children and inclusive education / Sue Pearson.
School bullying : teachers helping students cope / Phillip T. Slee.
Scripted bodies : corporate power, smart technologies, and the undoing of public education / Kenneth J. Saltman.
Sexual misconduct in the schoolhouse : prevention strategies for principals, teachers, coaches, and students / William L. Fibkins.
Shaping school culture : pitfalls, paradoxes, and promises / Terrence E. Deal, Kent D. Peterson.
Standards-based leadership : a case study book for the superintendency / edited by Sandra Harris, Julia Ballenger and Jason Mixon.
Strategic transformation of higher education : challenges and solutions in a global economy / Stewart E. Sutin and W. James Jacob.
Student affairs for academic administrators / edited by T. Lynn Hogan.
Student debt : rhetoric and realities of higher education financing / Sandy Baum.
Student growth measures in policy and practice : intended and unintended consequences of high-stakes teacher evaluations when theoretical models meet school realities : educator responses to student growth measures in an incentive pay program
Success favors well-prepared teachers : developing routines and relationships to improve school culture / Todd Scott Parker, Candice Dowd Barnes, and Patricia Kohler-Evans.
The summer slide : what we know and can do about summer learning loss / edited by Karl Alexander, Sarah Pitcock, Matthew Boulay ; foreword by Paul Reville.
Surviving school stress : strategies for well-being in today’s complex world / Marcel Lebrun and Eric Mann.
Taking the first steps outside : under threes learning and developing in the natural environment / Helen Bilton, Gabriela Bento and Gisela Dias.
Teach on purpose! : responsive teaching for student success / Leslie David Burns and Stergios Botzakis ; foreword by Donna E. Alvermann.
A teacher’s inside advice to parents : how children thrive with leadership, love, laughter, and learning / Robert Ward.
Teaching and supporting migrant children in our schools : a culturally proficient approach / Reyes L. Quezada, Fernando Rodrâiguez-Valls, and Randall B. Lindsey.
Teaching equality : black schools in the age of Jim Crow / Adam Fairclough.
Teaching for democracy in an age of economic disparity / edited by Cory Wright-Maley and Trent Davis.
Teaching transformative life skills to students : a comprehensive dynamic mindfulness curriculum / Bidyut Bose, Danielle Ancin, Jennifer Frank, Annika Malik.
Thinking diagrams : processing and connecting experiences, facts, and ideas / Mickey Kolis and Benjamin H. Kolis.
Un-standardizing curriculum : multicultural teaching in the standards-based classroom / Christine E. Sleeter, Judith Flores Carmona.
Vicious circles in education reform : assimilation, Americanization, and fulfilling the middle-class ethic / Eric Shyman.
What to expect and how to respond : distress and success in academia / edited by Earl Wright II and Thomas C. Calhoun.
What’s happened to the university? : a sociological exploration of its infantilisation / Frank Furedi.
Why students resist learning : a model for understanding and helping students / edited by Anton O. Tolman and Janine Kremling ; foreword by John Tagg.
You can’t teach us if you don’t know us and care about us : becoming an Ubuntu, responsive and responsible urban teacher / Omiunota Nelly Ukpokodu.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Canto general : song of the Americas / Pablo Neruda ; translated by Mariela Griffor, with Jeffrey Levine, Nancy Naomi Carlson, and Rebecca Seiferle ; Jeffrey Levine, translation editor.
Cuenteros y mentirosos : cultura tradicional / Alejandro R. Covarrubias Arias [ed.] ; con Câesar Castillo Bozo … [et al.]
Dulce patria : poemas / Horacio Gutiâerrez.
El sol entre dos islas : Berkeley, California, 2003/2005 / Marcelo Pellegrini.
HEALTH SCIENCES Addiction and choice : rethinking the relationship / edited by Nick Heather, Gabriel Segal.
Addiction in the older patient / edited by Maria A. Sullivan and Frances R. Levin.
ADHD nation : children, doctors, big pharma, and the making of an American epidemic / Alan Schwarz.
Couples coping with stress : a cross-cultural perspective / edited by Mariana K. Falconier, Ashley K. Randall, & Guy Bodenmann.
Disasters : mental health context and responses / edited by George N. Christodoulou, Juan E. Mezzich, Nikos G. Christodoulou and Dusica Lecic-Tosevski.
Handbook of sexual orientation and gender diversity in counseling and psychotherapy / edited by Kurt A. DeBord, Ann R. Fischer, Kathleen J. Bieschke, Ruperto M. Perez.
LINKing authentic assessment and early childhood intervention : best measures for best practices.
The mind-gut connection : how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health / Dr. Emeran Mayer.
Nonverbal learning disabilities / Cesare Cornoldi, Irene C. Mammarella, Jodene Goldenring Fine.
Public health ethics : cases spanning the globe / Drue H. Barrett, [and five others],  editors.
Sexual abuse and the sexual offender : common man or monster? / Barry Maletzky.
Speaking of bodies : embodied therapeutic dialogues / edited by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Liron Lipkies, and Noa Oster.
Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation : integrating medicine and science for performance solutions / edited by David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon.
Still down : what to do when antidepressants fail / Dean F. MacKinnon, MD.
Theatre for children in hospital : the gift of compassion / Persephone Sextou.
Therapeutic activities for children and teens coping with health issues / Robyn Hart and Judy Rollins.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES The Cultural World of the Bible : an Illustrated Guide to Manners and Customs / Victor H. Matthews.
Discovering the South : one man’s travels through a changing America in the 1930s / Jennifer Ritterhouse.
Encyclopedia of geoarchaeology / edited by Allan S. Gilbert ; with associate editors: Paul Goldberg, Vance T. Holliday, Rolfe D. Mandel, Robert S. Sternberg.
The end of Europe : dictators, demagogues, and the coming dark age / James Kirchick.
The flood year 1927 : a cultural history / Susan Scott Parrish.
Historias de la frontera : el cautiverio en la Amâerica hispâanica / Fernando Operâe.
La consumaciâon de la independencia de Veracruz / coordinador, Gilberto Bermâudez Gorrochotegui ; colaboradores, Ninfa Abad Moreno [and others].
Mourning in America : race and the politics of loss / David W. McIvor.
Muslim Americans in the military : centuries of service / Edward E. Curtis IV.
On wave and wing : the 100-year quest to perfect the aircraft carrier / Barrett Tillman.
The Qing Empire and the Opium War : the collapse of the Heavenly Dynasty / Mao Haijian (East China Normal University and Macao University) ; with an introduction by Julia Lovell ; English text edited by Joseph Lawson; translated by Joseph Lawson
Under Lincoln’s hat : 100 objects that tell the story of his life and legacy / James M. Cornelius and Carla Knorowski ; Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation.
LIBRARY SCIENCE Bundled journals package contract negotiations benchmarks.
Class and librarianship : essays at the intersection of information, labor and capital / edited by Erik Estep, Nathaniel F. Enright.
The experiential library : transforming academic and research libraries through the power of experiential learning / edited by Pete McDonnell.
The history and uncertain future of handwriting / Anne Trubek.
On the burning of books / Kenneth Baker.
Type is beautiful : the story of fifty remarkable fonts / Simon Loxley.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES Arrangement of skin : essays / Anna Journey.
Becoming vampire : difference and the vampire in popular culture / Simon Bacon.
Bestsellers in nineteenth-century America : an anthology / edited by Paul C. Gutjahr.
The birth of the imagination : William Carlos Williams on form / Bruce Holsapple.
The Cambridge companion to Saul Bellow / edited by Victoria Aarons.
The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare’s First Folio / edited by Emma Smith.
Chaucer : visual approaches / edited by Susanna Fein and David Raybin.
Deaths of the poets / Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts.
Domestic work : poems / by Natasha Trethewey ; selected and introduced by Rita Dove.
Dont look back / Keith Beattie.
Evolving nature of the English language : studies in theoretical and applied linguistics / Robert Kie±tyka, Agnieszka Uberman (eds.).
Eyes glowing at the edge of the woods : fiction and poetry from West Virginia / edited by Laura Long and Doug Van Gundy.
Fairy tale interrupted : feminism, masculinity, wonder cinema / Allison Craven.
Immigrant model / Mihaela Moscaliuc.
Incredible sestina anthology : a collection of poetry / edited by Daniel Nester.
Language, corpora and cognition / Piotr Pøezik, Jacek Tadeusz Waliânski (eds.).
Language, identity and education on the Arabian Peninsula : bilingual policies in a multilingual context / edited by Louisa Buckingham.
Literary Theory : The Complete Guide / Mary Klages.
Mariner : a voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge / Malcolm Guite.
Nobody rich or famous : a family memoir / Richard Shelton.
Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred / a graphic novel adaptation by Damian Duffy and John Jennings ; introduction by Nnedi Okorafor.
Once upon a time in the East : a story of growing up / Xiaolu Guo.
Queering the Shakespeare film : gender trouble, gay spectatorship, and male homoeroticism / Anthony Guy Patricia.
The reference of natural kind terms / Luis Fernâandez Moreno.
Robinson Crusoe and his doubles : the English Robinsonade of the eighteenth century / Artur Blaim.
Spill : scenes of black feminist fugitivity / Alexis Pauline Gumbs.
The unknown Kerouac : rare, unpublished & newly translated writings / Todd Tietchen, editor ; Jean-Christophe Cloutier, translator.
Utopian visions and revisions : or the uses of ideal worlds / Artur Blaim.
When my brother was an Aztec / Natalie Diaz.
The witch / an A24 release ; Parts & Labor
The writing of terrorism : contemporary American fiction and Maurice Blanchot / Christian Kloeckner.
PHILOSOPY & RELIGION Apocalyptic literature in the New Testament / Greg Carey.
Blackpentecostal breath : the aesthetics of possibility / Ashon T. Crawley.
The Bloomsbury reader in religion, sexuality, and gender / edited by Donald L. Boisvert and Carly Daniel-Hughes.
Council of Fifty, minutes, March 1844-January 1846 / Matthew J. Grow, Ronald K. Esplin, Mark Ashurst-McGee, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, Jeffrey D. Mahas, volume editors.
Cultural genealogy : an essay on early modern myth / Raphael Falco.
Emerson’s metaphysics : a song of laws and causes / Joseph Urbas.
Ethics at the end of life : new issues and arguments / edited by John K. Davis.
Interventions in contemporary thought : history, politics, aesthetics / Gabriel Rockhill.
Kant’s shorter writings : critical paths outside the critiques / edited by Rafael V. Orden Jimâenez, Robert Hanna, Robert Louden, Jacinto Rivera de Rosales and Nuria Sâanchez Madrid.
Krausism and the Spanish avant-garde : the impact of philosophy on national culture / Christian Rubio.
A light in the heavens : sayings of the Prophet Muhammad / Al-Qadial al-Qudai ; edited and translated by Tahera Qutbuddin ; volume editor Shawkat Toorawa.
Network aesthetics / Patrick Jagoda.
Oxford studies in ancient philosophy.
Paul and gender : reclaiming the apostle’s vision for men and women in Christ / Cynthia Long Westfall.
The philosophy clinic : practical wisdom at work / Stephen J. Costello.
Recent advances in the creation of a process-based worldview : human life in process / edited by ¡ukasz Lamçza and Jakub Dziadkowiec.
The root of war is fear : Thomas Merton’s advice to peacemakers / by Jim Forest.
The social contexts of intellectual virtue : knowledge as a team achievement / Adam Green.
Thomas More / Joanne Paul.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Autour des motifs : âecole d’âetâe franco-asiatique de gâeomâetrie algâebrique et de thâeorie des nombres = asian-french summer school on algebraic geometry and number theory / M. KIm, R. Sujatha, L. Lafforgue, A. Genestier, Ngo B. C.
Balance : in search of the lost sense / Scott McCredie.
The certified six sigma green belt handbook / Roderick A. Munro, Govindarajan Ramu, and Daniel J. Zrymiak.
The certified Six Sigma yellow belt handbook / Govind Ramu.
Food safety : a reference handbook / Nina E. Redman and Michele Morrone.
Fundamentals of electrospinning & electrospun nanofibers / Tong Lin, Jian Fang.
Precision machining technology / Peter J. Hoffman, Eric S. Hopewell, Brian Janes.
Reckoning with matter : calculating machines, innovation, and thinking about thinking from Pascal to Babbage / Matthew L. Jones.
Remediation engineering : design concepts / Suthan S. Suthersan, John Horst, Matthew Schnobrich, Nicklaus Welty, Jeff McDonough.
Species and speciation in the fossil record / edited by Warren D. Allmon and Margaret M. Yacobucci.
Type inheritance and relational theory : subtypes, supertypes, and substitutability / C. J. Date.
Understanding ECMAScript 6 : the definitive guide for JavaScript developers / by Nicholas C. Zakas.
Wireless communications security : solutions for the internet of things / Jyrki T.J. Penttinen.
SOCIAL SCIENCES The anthropology of China : China as ethnographic and theoretical critique / Charlotte Bruckermann, Stephan Feuchtwang, London School of Economics, UK
The blood of Emmett Till / Timothy B. Tyson.
Consciousness : social perspectives, psychological approaches and current research / Lloyd Alvarado, editor.
Development of perception in infancy : the cradle of knowledge revisited / Martha E. Arterberry and Philip J. Kellman.
Exposed : environmental politics and pleasures in posthuman times / Stacy Alaimo.
False bodies, true selves : moving beyond appearance-focused identity struggles and returning to the true self / Nicole Schnackenberg.
Fuocoammare = Fire at sea / una produzione 21Uno Film
The future of leadership : an explorative study into tomorrow’s leadership challenges / Daniela Eberhardt and Anna-Lena Majkovic.
Histories of laughter and laughter in history : histoRisus / edited by Rafa± Borys±awski [and 3 others].
Human evolution : our brains and behavior / Robin Dunbar.
Humor : emotional aspects, role in social interactions and health effects / Holly Phillips, editor.
Humor in infants : developmental and psychological perspectives / Gina C. Mireault, Vasudevi Reddy.
In the wake of trauma : psychology and philosophy for the suffering other / edited by Eric R. Severson, Brian W. Becker & David M. Goodman.
The international atlas of Mars exploration / Philip J. Stooke.
Interpersonal and intrapersonal expectancies / edited by Slawomir Trusz and Przemyslaw Babel.
Kids for cash / Alive Mind ; SenArt Films presents ; produced by Lauren Timmons ; produced & directed by Robert May.
Life breaks in : a mood almanack / Mary Cappello.
A long time coming : essays on old age / Melanie Joosten.
Memory, attention, and aging : selected works of Fergus I.M. Craik / Fergus I.M. Craik.
The memory illusion : remembering, forgetting, and the science of false memory / Dr Julia Shaw.
Motivation 101 / James B. Schreiber, PhD.
Ostracism, exclusion, and rejection / edited by Kipling D. Williams and Steve A. Nida.
The Oxford handbook of cognitive science / edited by Susan E.F. Chipman.
Parapsychology : the science of unusual experience / edited by David Groome and Ronald Roberts.
The persistence of gender inequality / Mary Evans.
Pioneers of psychology : a history / Raymond E. Fancher, Alexandra Rutherford.
Psychoanalysis in the age of totalitarianism / edited by Matt ffytche and Daniel Pick.
Psychology of prejudice and discrimination / Mary E. Kite, Bernard E. Whitley, Jr.
Psychology of self-control : new research / editor, Carroll Saunders.
The pursuit of pleasure : overcoming a civilizational challenge / Arsen Dallan and Karlen Dallakyan.
The puzzle of perceptual justification : conscious experience, higher-order beliefs, and reliable processes / Harmen Ghijsen.
The rationality quotient : toward a test of rational thinking / Keith E. Stanovich, Richard F. West, and Maggie E. Toplak.
Reflective and impulsive determinants of human behavior / edited by Roland Deutsch, Bertram Gawronski, Wilhelm Hofmann.
Resource management for individuals and families / Elizabeth Goldsmith.
Saving our cities : a progressive plan to transform urban America / William W. Goldsmith.
Self-regulation and ego control / edited by Edward R. Hirt, Joshua J. Clarkson, Lile Jia.
Speech perception and spoken word recognition / edited by M. Gareth Gaskell and Jelena Mirkoviâc.
Take pride : why the deadliest sin holds the secret to human success / Jessica Tracy.
Terror, love and brainwashing : attachment in cults and totalitarian systems / Alexandra Stein.
Thicker than blood : adoptive parenting in the modern world / Marion Crook.
Thought in action : expertise and the conscious mind / Barbara Gail Montero.
Topophobia : a phenomenology of anxiety / Dylan Trigg.
Tower / directed & produced by Keith Maitland ; produced by Susan Thomson, Megan Gilbride ; a co-production of Tower Documentary LLC and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).
The voices within : the history and science of how we talk to ourselves / Charles Fernyhough.
Welcoming strangers : nonviolent re-parenting of children in foster care / Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN 1971: a year in the life of color / Darby English.
Draplin Design Co. : pretty much everything / Aaron James Draplin.
FireSigns : a semiotic theory for graphic design / Steven Skaggs.
How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world / Michael Bierut.
In progress : see inside a lettering artist’s sketchbook and process, from sketch to vector / Jessica Hische ; Preface by Louise Fili.
Mad enchantment : Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies / Ross King.
The space within : interior experience as the origin of architecture / Robert McCarter.