BUSINESS & ECONOMICS The budget of the United States Government.
The discourse of neoliberalism : an anatomy of a powerful idea / Simon Springer.
Re-imagining capitalism / edited by Dominic Barton, Dezsèo Horvâath, and Matthias Kipping.
EDUCATION Conflict management and dialogue in higher education : a global perspective / by Nancy T. Watson, Karan L. Watson, Christine A. Stanley, Texas A & M University.
Race and colorism in education / edited by Carla R. Monroe.
Science with storytelling : strategies for the K-5 classroom / edited by Jane Stenson, Sherry Norfolk and Lynette J. Ford.
Successful teaching : what every novice teacher needs to know / edited by David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg.
Teaching the whole teen : everyday practices that promote success and resilience in school and life / Rachel Poliner, Jeffrey Benson.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Setting Plato straight : translating ancient sexuality in the Renaissance / Todd W. Reeser.
HEALTH SCIENCES Remaking the American patient : how Madison Avenue and modern medicine turned patients into consumers / Nancy Tomes.
Speaking of sadness : depression, disconnection, and the meanings of illness / David A. Karp.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES After Aquarius dawned : how the revolutions of the sixties became the popular culture of the seventies / Judy Kutulas.
All the real Indians died off : and 20 other myths about Native Americans / Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker.
Amphorae in the eastern Mediterranean / Hakan èOniz.
Antiquities : what everyone needs to know / Maxwell L. Anderson.
Archaeologies of waste : encounters with the unwanted / edited by Daniel Sosna and Lenka Brunclâikovâa.
The archaeology of vernacular watercraft / Amanda M. Evans, editor.
Archaeology’s footprints in the modern world / Michael Brian Schiffer.
Bones and identity : zooarchaeological approaches to reconstructing social and cultural landscapes in Southwest Asia / edited by Nimrod Marom, Reuven Yeshurun, Lior Weissbrod and Guy Bar-Oz.
British Battlecruisers : 1905-1920 / John Roberts.
British warships of the Second World War : detailed in the original builders’ plans / John Roberts.
But what if we’re wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past / Chuck Klosterman.
Captives : How Stolen People Changed the World / Catherine M. Cameron.
Chinese naval shipbuilding : an ambitious and uncertain course / edited by Andrew S. Erickson.
Cod and Herring : the Archaeology and History of Medieval Sea Fishing / edited by James H. Barrett and David C. Orton.
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Defense of the west : NATO, the European Union and the transatlantic bargain / Stanley R. Sloan.
Divergent memories : opinion leaders and the Asia-Pacific War / Gi-Wook Shin and Daniel Sneider.
Domesday book / text and translation edited by John Morris.
Early Native Americans in West Virginia : the Fort Ancient culture / Darla Spencer.
Exploring sex and gender in bioarchaeology / edited by Sabrina C. Agarwal and Julie K. Wesp.
The fifth beginning : what six million years of human history can tell us about our future / Robert L. Kelly.
Fifty ships that changed the course of history : a nautical history of the world / Ian Graham.
Forensic archaeology: the application of comparative excavation methods and recording systems / Laura Evis.
Forging Southeastern identities : social archaeology, ethnohistory, and folklore of the Mississippian to early historic South / edited by Gregory A. Waselkov and Marvin T. Smith.
Gateways to the world : port cities in the Persian Gulf / Mehran Kamrava, editor.
Great Plains Indians / David J. Wishart.
Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow / Yuval Noah Harari ; translated by the author.
Just war reconsidered : strategy, ethics, and theory / James M. Dubik ; foreword by General Martin Dempsey, USA (Ret.).
Latino city : immigration and urban crisis in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1945-2000 / by Llana Barber.
Making Gullah : a history of Sapelo Islanders, race, and the American imagination / Melissa L. Cooper.
Managing archaeological collections in Middle Eastern countries : a good practice guide / Dianne Fitzpatrick.
Maps of war : mapping conflict through the centuries / Jeremy Black.
Mare Island / Brooks Roddan.
The Mediterranean Fleet, 1930-1939 / edited by Paul G. Halpern, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University.
The Middle East and the United States : history, politics, and ideologies / edited by David W. Lesch, Trinity University, Mark L. Haas, Duquesne University.
Museums and archaeology / edited by Robin Skeates.
Native American landscapes : an engendered perspective / edited by Cheryl Claassen.
Naval warfare : a global history since 1860 / Jeremy Black.
Navies in the 21st century / editor Conrad Waters ; drawings by John Jordan.
Nemesis : the first iron warship and her world / Adrian G. Marshall.
On the psychology of military incompetence / Dr. Norman F. Dixon.
The Oxford companion to archaeology / editor in chief, Neil Asher Silberman ; editors, Alexander A. Bauer [and others].
Port cities : multicultural emporiums of Asia, 1500-1900 / Peter Lee, Leonard Y. Andaya, Barbara Watson Andaya, Gael Newton, Alan Chong.
Reassessing Pearl Harbor : scapegoats, a false hero and the myth of surprise attack / James Johns.
The realization of Star Trek technologies : the science, not fiction, behind brain implants, plasma shields, quantum computing, and more / Mark E. Lasbury.
Regulations for the public use of records in the National Archives.
Revolutions in the desert : the rise of mobile pastoralism in the Southern Levant / Steven A Rosen.
Rewired : research-writing partnerships within the frameworks / editor, Randall McClure, Pfeiffer University.
The Royal Navy Officer’s Jutland pocket-manual 1916 / W.M. James ; introduction by Brian Lavery.
Seaforth world naval review 2017 / editor, Conrad Waters.
A serpent’s tale : discovering America’s ancient mound builders / Lorett Treese.
Social history of british naval officers, 1775 -1815.
A soldier gone to sea : memoir of a Royal Marine in both world wars / Charles Frederic Jerram ; edited by Donald F. Bittner.
Space warfare in the 21st century : Arming the heavens / Joan Johnson-Freese.
Stones, bones and profiles : exploring archaeological context, early American hunter-gatherers, and bison / edited by Marcel Kornfeld and Bruce B. Huckell.
Strategy and the sea : essays in honour of John B. Hattendorf / edited by N.A.M. Rodger, J. Ross Dancy, Benjamin Darnell and Evan Wilson.
Theater of a separate war : the Civil War west of the Mississippi River, 1861-1865 / Thomas W. Cutrer.
The transformation of British and American naval policy in the pre-dreadnought era  : ideas, culture and strategy / Robert E. Mullins ; edited by John Beeler.
US national security : new threats, old realities / Paul R. Viotti.
The U.S. Naval Institute on the U.S. Naval Academy : the challenges.
Vikings and Goths : a history of ancient and medieval Sweden / Gary Dean Peterson.
Visual culture of the ancient Americas : contemporary perspectives / edited by Andrew Finegold and Ellen Hoobler ; afterword by Esther Pasztory.
War and conflict in the early modern world : 1500-1700 / Brian Sandberg.
Warfare in medieval Europe, c.400-c.1453 / Bernard S. Bachrach and David S. Bachrach.
Who belongs? : race, resources, and tribal citizenship in the native South / Mikaèela M. Adams.
Winning the Third World : Sino-American rivalry during the Cold War / Gregg A. Brazinsky.
The world’s greatest submarines : an illustrated history / David Ross.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES Katherine Mansfield : the early years / Gerri Kimber.
Pearl : a new verse translation / Simon Armitage.
Pierre; or, The ambiguities : authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Herman Melville ; edited by Robert S. Levine, University of Maryland ; and Cindy Weinstein, California Institute of Technology.
The sport of kings / C. E. Morgan.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Close calls with nonsense : reading new poetry / Stephen Burt.
Cultural journalism and cultural critique in the media / edited by Nete N²rgaard Kristensen and Unni From.
Hidden figures / Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Chernin Entertainment/Levantine Films production ; produced by Donna Gigliotti [and four others] ; screenplay by Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi ; directed by Theodore Melfi.
Lion / directed by Garth Davis.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Lacan and Deleuze : a disjunctive synthesis / edited by Boéstjan Nedoh and Andreja Zevnik.
A modest apostle : Thecla and the history of women in the early church / Susan E. Hylen.
Seemings and justification : new essays on dogmatism and phenomenal conservatism / edited by Chris Tucker.
The western construction of religion : myths, knowledge, and ideology / Daniel Dubuisson ; translated by William Sayers.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY AutoCAD 2017 3D modeling / Munir M. Hamad, Autodesk approved instructor.
Cryopolitics : frozen life in a melting world / edited by Joanna Radin and Emma Kowal.
Engines of discovery : a century of particle accelerators / Andrew Sessler, Edmund Wilson.
Fisheries management and conservation / edited by Simon Oakenfold.
Mesoscale meteorology in midlatitudes / Paul Markowski and Yvette Richardson.
Mrs. Perkins’s electric quilt : and other intriguing stories of mathematical physics / Paul J. Nahin.
RS Means repair & remodeling cost data.
RSMeans green building cost data.
Strange glow : the story of radiation / Timothy J. Jorgensen.
SOCIAL SCIENCES #Republic : divided democracy in the age of social media / Cass R. Sunstein.
Advanced introduction to nationalism / Liah Greenfeld, University Professor and Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology, Boston University, USA.
An age of risk : politics and economy in early modern Britain / Emily C. Nacol.
Al Capone : his life, legacy, and legend / Deirdre Bair.
An American utopia : dual power and the universal army / Fredric Jameson, Jodi Dean, Saroj Giri, Agon Hamza, Kojin Karatani, Kim Stanley Robinson, Frank Ruda, Alberto Toscano, Kathi Weeks ; edited by Slavoj éZizééek.
Asian/Americans, education, and crime : the model minority as victim and perpetrator / edited by Daisy Ball and Nicholas Daniel Hartlep.
Beyond blurred lines : rape culture in popular media / Nickie D. Phillips.
Beyond Bourdieu : from genetic structuralism to relational phenomenology / Will Atkinson.
Bombs, bullets, and politicians : France’s response to terrorism / Christophe Chowanietz.
Caught up : girls, surveillance, and wraparound incarceration / Jerry Flores.
Changing contours of criminal justice / edited by Mary Bosworth, Carolyn Hoyle, and Lucia Zedner ; Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford.
City of inmates : conquest, rebellion, and the rise of human caging in Los Angeles, 1771-1965 / Kelly Lytle Hernâandez.
Civil wars : a history in ideas / David Armitage.
A companion to crime, harm and victimisation / edited by Karen Corteen, Sharon Morley, Paul Taylor and Jo Turner.
The complexity of self government : politics from the bottom up / Ruth Lane.
Conceptualizing deviance : a cross-cultural social network approach to comparing relational and attribute data / Candace Forbes Bright.
Confronting evil : engaging our responsibility to prevent genocide / James Waller.
Contemporary urban planning / John M. Levy.
Convict criminology : inside and out / Rod Earle.
Crime and criminal behavior / editor, Analise Klein.
Criminal justice internships : theory into practice / R. Bruce McBride.
Cultural studies 50 years on : history, practice and politics / edited by Kieran Connell and Matthew Hilton.
Current issues in victimology research / edited by Laura J. Moriarty, Robert A. Jerin.
Data for the people : how to make our post-privacy economy work for you / Andreas Weigend.
Data love : the seduction and betrayal of digital technologies / Roberto Simanowski.
Dealing in desire : Asian ascendancy, Western decline, and the hidden currencies of global sex work / Kimberly Kay Hoang.
The democratization disconnect : how recent democratic revolutions threaten the future of democracy / Brian Grodsky.
Dictators and democrats : masses, elites, and regime change / Stephan Haggard and Robert R. Kaufman.
Dictators and their secret police : coercive institutions and state violence / Sheena Chestnut Greitens.
The disavowed community / Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Philip Armstrong.
Displaced by disaster : recovery and resilience in a globalizing world / Ann-Margaret Esnard and Alka Sapat.
Empires and bureaucracy in world history : from late antiquity to the twentieth century / edited by Peter Crooks, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin and Timothy Parsons, Washington University in St Louis.
Exiled in America : life on the margins in a residential motel / Christopher P. Dum.
Exploring screen culture via Apple’s mobile devices : life through the looking glass / Charles Soukup.
Exploring the psychological benefits of hardship : a critical reassessment of posttraumatic growth / Eranda Jayawickreme, Lura E.R. Blackie.
From Benito Mussolini to Hugo Chavez : intellectuals and a century of political hero worship / Paul Hollander, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
From memory to memorial : Shanksville, America, and Flight 93 / J. William Thompson.
Fugitive democracy : and other essays / Sheldon S. Wolin ; edited by Nicholas Xenos.
Gender violence in peace and war : states of complicity / edited by Victoria Sanford, Katerina Stefatos, and Cecilia M. Salvi.
The genocide contagion : how we commit and confront holocaust and genocide / Israel W. Charny.
Getting respect : responding to stigma and discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel / Micháele Lamont [and six others].
Global change and the Caribbean : adaptation and resilience / edited by David Barker, Duncan McGregor, Kevon Rhiney & Thera Edwards.
The global social sciences : under and beyond European universalism / Michael Kuhn, Hebe Vessuri (eds.).
A glossary of literary and cultural theory / Peter Brooker.
Going public : a guide for social scientists / Arlene Stein and Jessie Daniels ; illustrations by Corey Fields.
The great leveler : violence and the history of inequality from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century / Walter Scheidel.
Handbook of terrorism in the Asia-Pacific / editors Rohan Gunaratna, Stefanie Kam, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, Singapore.
Hegemony how-to : a roadmap for radicals / by Jonathan Matthew Smucker.
Helping children to tell about sexual abuse : guidance for helpers / Rosaleen McElvaney.
Historical sociology and world history : uneven and combined development over the longue durâee / edited by Alexander Anievas and Kamran Matin.
Impulse to act : a new anthropology of resistance and social justice / edited by Othon Alexandrakis.
In the heat of the summer : the New York Riots of 1964 and the war on crime / Michael W. Flamm.
Information and society / Michael Buckland.
Insider threats / edited by Matthew Bunn and Scott D. Sagan.
Intellectual radicalism after 1989 : crisis and re-orientation in the British and the American Left / Sebastian Berg.
ISIS : an introduction and guide to the Islamic State / Brian L. Steed.
Issues in corrections : research, policy, and future prospects / edited by Carly Hilinski-Rosick, John P. Walsh.
Journal of political & military sociology : JPMS.
Journey into social activism : qualitative approaches / Joshua D. Atkinson.
Leninism under Lenin / Marcel Liebman ; translated by Brian Pearce.
Let’s stay together : why yes to Europe / Denis MacShane.
Locked in : the true causes of mass incarceration–and how to achieve real reform / John F. Pfaff.
Marx 2020.
The Max Weber dictionary : key words and central concepts / Richard Swedberg and Ola Agevall.
Men : a love story / a Moment in Time Productions in association with Phat Girl Rude Boy Films presents ; a film by Mimi Chakarova ; directed and produced by Mimi Chakarova
Merchants of men : how jihadists and ISIS turned kidnapping and refugee trafficking into a multibillion-dollar business / Loretta Napoleoni.
Modes of thinking for qualitative data analysis / Melissa Freeman.
Murder in plain English : from manifestos to memes : looking at murder through the words of killers / Michael Arntfield and Marcel Danesi.
Murder, Inc., and the moral life : gangsters and gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York / Robert Weldon Whalen.
Mythomania : tales of our times, from Apple to ISIS / Peter Conrad.
Negotiating digital citizenship : control, contest and culture / edited by Anthony McCosker, Sonja Vivienne and Ameilia Johns.
New directions in the philosophy of social science / Daniel Little.
No more heroes : grassroots challenges to the savior mentality / by Jordan Flaherty.
On the parole board : reflections on crime, punishment, redemption, and justice / Frederic G. Reamer.
The optimistic leftist : why the 21st century will be better than you think / Ruy Teixeira.
The origins of ISIS : the collapse of nations and revolution in the Middle East / Simon Mabon and Stephen Royle.
Paternalism beyond borders / edited by Michael N. Barnett, The George Washington University.
The persistence of critical theory / Gabriel R. Ricci, editor.
Political and military sociology : an annual review. Volume 42, Military perceptions and perceptions of the military / Neovi M. Karakatsanis, Jonathan Swarts, editors.
Political psychology : new explorations / edited by Jon A. Krosnick, I-Chant A. Chiang, and Tobias H. Stark.
The politics of virtue : post-liberalism and the human future / John Milbank and Adrian Pabst.
The populist explosion : how the great recession transformed American and European politics / John B. Judis.
The power triangle : military, security, and politics in regime change / Hazem Kandil.
The prison school : educational inequality and school discipline in the age of mass incarceration / Lizbet Simmons.
Prisons in the United States : a reference handbook / Cyndi Banks.
Protest campaigns, media and political opportunities / Jonathan Cable.
Psychiatric aspects of criminal behavior : collected papers of Eugene Revitch / edited by Louis B. Schlesinger, Professor of Forensic Psychology John Jay College of Criminal Justice City University of New York.
The psychology of friendship / edited by Mahzad Hojjat, Anne Moyer.
Public intellectuals in the global arena : professors or pundits? / edited by Michael C. Desch.
The quotable Machiavelli / edited by Maurizio Viroli.
Race, riots, and the police / by Howard Rahtz.
Racial profiling : issues, data, and analyses / Steven J. Muffler, editor.
Raised right : fatherhood in modern American conservatism / Jeffrey R. Dudas.
Rape during civil war / Dara Kay Cohen.
Rhetoric of femininity : female body image, media, and gender role stress/conflict / Donnalyn Pompper.
Routledge handbook of political ecology / edited by Thomas Perreault, Gavin Bridge and James McCarthy.
Routledge international handbook of diversity studies / edited by Steven Vertovec.
Saving the people : how populists hijack religion / Nadia Marzouki, Duncan McDonnell, Olivier Roy (editors).
Selfish libertarians and socialist conservatives? : the foundations of the libertarian-conservative debate / Nathan W. Schlueter and Nikolai G. Wenzel.
Sex offenders, stigma, and social control / Diana Rickard.
Smoking geographies : space, place and tobacco / Ross Barnett, Graham Moon, Jamie Pearce, Lee Thompson and Liz Twigg.
Social justice for the oppressed : critical educators and intellectuals speak out / Pierre Wilbert Orelus.
The social life of information / John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid ; new introduction by David Weinberger.
Social media : culture and identity / edited by Kehbuma Langmia and Tia C. M. Tyree.
Social movements and world-system transformation / edited by Jackie Smith, Michael Goodhart, Patrick Manning, John Markoff.
Social problems, social issues, social science : the Society papers / James D. Wright.
The social psychology of everyday politics / edited by Caroline Howarth and Eleni Andreouli.
Social science and historical perspectives : society, science, and ways of knowing / Jack David Eller.
Sourcebook on violence against women / [edited by] Claire M. Renzetti, University of Kentucky, Jeffrey L. Edleson, University of California, Berkeley, Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Saint Joseph’s University.
The spectre of Babeuf / Ian Birchall.
The third sector : community organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits / Meghan Elizabeth Kallman, Terry Nichols Clark ; with assistance from Cary Wu and Jean Yen-Chun Lin.
What algorithms want : imagination in the age of computing / Ed Finn.
What’s normal? : reconciling biology and culture / Allan V. Horwitz.
When ideas mattered : a Nathan Glazer reader / Joseph & Leslie Lenkowsky, editors.
A world to win : contemporary social movements and counter-hegemony / edited by William K. Carroll and Kanchan Sarker.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN Beyond Caravaggio / Letizia Treves ; with contributions by Aidan Weston-Lewis, Gabriele Finaldi, Christian Tico Seifert, Adriaan E. Waiboer, Francesca Whitlum-Cooper and Marjorie E. Wieseman.
Text and image in medieval Persian art / Sheila S. Blair.