BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Diversity return on investment (DROI) : a ensuring diversity initiatives demonstrate ROI impact on the bottom-line / by Edward E. Hubbard. Ph.D.
Environmental land use planning and management / John Randolph.
Limits to globalization : disruptive geographies of capitalist development / Eric Sheppard.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Borges and Kafka : sons and writers / Sarah Roger.
Cuentos cortos de los sesenta / Dionisio Escobar.
The Gourmet Club : a sextet / by Jun’ichiråo Tanizaki ; translated by Anthony H. Chambers and Paul McCarthy.
Human acts : a novel / Han Kang ; translated from the Korean and introduced by Deborah Smith.
La lâinea azul / Ennio Moltedo.
Lara : the untold love story that inspired Doctor Zhivago / Anna Pasternak.
The man who never stopped sleeping / Aharon Appelfeld ; translated from the Hebrew by Jeffrey M. Green.
Montaigne : a life / Philippe Desan ; translated by Steven Rendall and Lisa Neal.
The Moravian night : a story / Peter Handke ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston.
The novel of the century : the extraordinary adventure of Les Misâerables / David Bellos.
Of all that ends / Gèunter Grass ; translated by Breon Mitchell.
The Oxford handbook of Montaigne / edited by Philippe Desan.
Rumi’s secret : the life of the Sufi poet of love / Brad Gooch.
Setenta cuentos / Dionisio Escobar.
The story of Hebrew / Lewis Glinert.
To begin at the beginning / Javier Marâias ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa ; images: Wifredo Lam.
Wallenstein : a dramatic poem / by Friedrich Schiller ; translation and notes to the text by Flora Kimmich ; introduction by Roger Paulin.
HEALTH SCIENCES Medical anthropology and African American health / Eric J. Bailey.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES American Sanctuary : Mutiny, Martyrdom, And National Identity In The Age of Revolution / A. Roger Ekirch.
America’s sailors in the Great War : seas, skies, and submarines / Lisle A. Rose.
Bell P-39 Airacobra / Artur Juszczak, Robert Pñeczkowski ; colour illustrations by Artur Juszczak.
Birmingham : the workshop of the world / edited by Carl Chinn and Malcolm Dick.
Booker T. Washington in American memory / Kenneth M. Hamilton.
The BP exhibition Sunken cities : Egypt’s lost worlds / edited by Franck Goddio and Aurâelia Masson-Berghoff.
Cnut the Great / Timothy Bolton.
Democracy : a case study / David A. Moss.
The division of heaven and earth : on Tibet’s peaceful revolution / Shokdung ; translated by Matthew Akester.
The first European : a history of Alexander in the age of empire / Pierre Briant ; translated by Nicholas Elliott.
The French Revolution and human rights : a brief history with documents / Lynn Hunt.
Fugitive science : empiricism and freedom in early African American culture / Britt Rusert.
German modernities from Wilhelm to Weimar : a contest of futures / edited by Geoff Eley, Jennifer L. Jenkins, and Tracie Matysik.
History of archaeology : international perspectives : proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1-7 September 2014
The House of Truth : a Washington political salon and the foundations of American liberalism / Brad Snyder.
An internment odyssey = Haisho Tenten / Suikei Furuya ; translated by Tatsumi Hayashi ; with a foreword by Gary Y. Okihiro.
The killing wind : a Chinese county’s descent into madness during the cultural revolution / by Tan Hecheng ; translated by Stacy Mosher and Guo Jian.
Loyalism and radicalism in Lancashire, 1798-1815 / Katrina Navickas.
Maritime security and Indonesia : cooperation, interests and strategies / Senia Febrica.
The Maya calendar : a book of months, 400-2000 CE / Weldon Lamb.
New England bound : slavery and colonization in early America / Wendy Warren.
Nuclear weapons and coercive diplomacy / Todd S. Sechser, Matthew Fuhrmann.
The papers of Thomas Jefferson. Retirement series / J. Jefferson Looney, editor.
Reporting war : how foreign correspondents risked capture, torture and death to cover World War II / Ray Moseley.
The Russian Empire 1450-1801 / Nancy Shields Kollmann.
Space and Mobility in Palestine / Julie Peteet.
The stab-in-the-back myth and the fall of the Weimar Republic : a history in documents and visual sources / edited by George S. Vascik and Mark R. Sadler.
The three dimensions of archaeology : proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1-7 September 2014, Burgos, Spain). Volume 7, Session A4b and A12 / edited by Hans Kamermans, Wieke de Neef [and three others].
The U.S. Naval Institute on Marine Corps Aviation.
An uncertain ally : Turkey under Erdogan’s dictatorship / David L. Phillips.
Vikings at war / Kim Hjardar and Vegard Vike.
War against war : the American fight for peace, 1914-1918 / Michael Kazin.
Why? : explaining the Holocaust / Peter Hayes.
Winston Churchill : politics, strategy and statecraft / edited by Richard Toye.
LIBRARY SCIENCE Academic library trends and statistics : Carnegie Classifications: associate of arts colleges, baccalaureate colleges, masters colleges and institutions, doctorate granting institutions.
Academic library trends and statistics for Carnegie classification. Associate of arts colleges.
Academic library trends and statistics for Carnegie classification. Doctoral-granting institutions.
Academic library trends and statistics for Carnegie classification. Master’s colleges and universities, baccalaureate colleges.
How to do things with books in Victorian Britain / Leah Price.
Librarian contract negotiating skills benchmarks / Primary Research Group staff.
A book of American martyrs / Joyce Carol Oates.
After the blue hour : a true fiction / John Rechy.
The African Queen ; and, The night of the hunter : first and final screenplays / edited by Jeffrey Couchman.
Aldous Huxley : the political thought of a man of letters / Alessandro Maurini.
Antiracist writing assessment ecologies : teaching and assessing writing for a socially just future / Asao B. Inoue.
At home in the world : women writers and public life, from Austen to the present / Maria DiBattista and Deborah Epstein Nord.
Barthes : a biography / Tiphaine Samoyault ; translated by Andrew Brown.
Beckett’s Happy days : a manuscript study / S.E. Gontarski.
Before the war / Fay Weldon.
Blake; or, The huts of America : a corrected edition / Martin R. Delany ; edited and with an introduction by Jerome McGann.
A book of American martyrs / Joyce Carol Oates.
Carson McCullers : stories, plays & other writings / Carson McCullers ; Carlos L. Dews, editor.
The Celtic unconscious : Joyce and Scottish culture / Richard Barlow.
Charles Dickens : an introduction / Jenny Hartley.
Clairvoyant with hunger : essays on James Dickey, James Wright, W.S. Merwin, etc. / Laurence Lieberman.
Coleridge’s Ancient mariner / J.C.C. Mays.
Collected writings : Two serious ladies, In the summer house, stories & other writings, letters / Jane Bowles ; Millicent Dillon, editor.
The complete Old English poems / translated by Craig Williamson ; with an introduction by Tom Shippey.
The contemporary British novel since 2000 / edited by James Acheson.
The crossing / Andrew Miller.
Daisy Miller and other stories / Henry James ; edited and with an introduction and notes by Stephen Fender.
Damning words : the life and religious times of H.L. Mencken / D.G. Hart.
The dark flood rises / Margaret Drabble.
Dea / Edward Bond.
Doctorow : collected stories / E.L. Doctorow.
Edgar Allan Poe, Eureka, and scientific imagination / David N. Stamos.
Edward Albee and absurdism / edited by Michael Y. Bennett.
Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfast / Megan Marshall.
Erskine Caldwell, Margaret Bourke-White, and the popular front : photojournalism in Russia / Jay E. Caldwell.
Falling ill / C.K. Williams.
Flight risk : memoirs of a New Orleans bad boy / James Nolan.
Hamlet / edited by Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor.
Hard times : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Charles Dickens ; edited by Fred Kaplan, Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.
House of lords and commons / Ishion Hutchinson.
How to revise a true war story : Tim O’Brien’s process of textual production / John K. Young.
Huck out west / Robert Coover.
Imagination and idealism in John Updike’s fiction / Michial Farmer.
The introspective art of Mark Twain / Douglas Anderson.
The invention of Angela Carter : a biography / Edmund Gordon.
Jack and Norman : a state-raised convict and the legacy of Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song / Jerome Loving.
James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and the rhetorics of black male subjectivity / Aaron Ngozi Oforlea.
James Joyce and Catholicism : the apostate’s wake / Chrissie van Mierlo.
Jerzy / Jerome Charyn.
Jews, queers, Germans : a novel/history / Martin Duberman.
Jitney / August Wilson.
Jonathan Franzen and the romance of community : narratives of salvation / Jesâus Blanco Hidalga.
Jonathan Swift : the reluctant rebel / John Stubbs.
Krazy : George Herriman, a life in black and white / Michael Tisserand.
Let us now praise famous men at 75 : anniversary essays / edited by Michael A. Lofaro.
Life and adventures of Jack Engle: an auto-biography : a story of New York at the present time in which the reader will find some familiar characters / Walt Whitman ; with an introduction by Zachary Turpin.
Listen. If / Douglas Barbour.
Mary Page Marlowe / Tracy Letts.
Melville’s intervisionary network : Balzac, Hawthorne, and realism in the American renaissance / John Haydock.
Mind presentation in Ian McEwan’s fiction : consciousness and the presentation of character in Amsterdam, Atonement, and On Chesil Beach / Karam Nayebpour.
Morning, Paramin / Derek Walcott ; Peter Doig.
Navigating maritime languages and narratives : new perspectives in English and French / Raffaella Antinucci and Maria Giovanna Petrillo (eds).
The new Oxford Shakespeare : the complete works / general editors, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, Gabriel Egan.
Novels & stories 1942-1963 : The company she keeps ; The oasis ; The groves of academe ; A charmed life ; Stories / Mary McCarthy ; Thomas Mallon, editor.
Novels 1963-1979 : The group ; Birds of America ; Cannibals and missionaries / Mary McCarthy ; Thomas Mallon, editor.
Olio / Tyehimba Jess.
The one inside / Sam Shepard ; foreword by Patti Smith.
Parable of the talents : a novel / Octavia E. Butler ; introduction by Toshi Reagon.
The place of imagination : Wendell Berry and the poetics of community, affection, and identity / Joseph R. Wiebe.
Placing John Haines / James Perrin Warren.
Politics and romance in Shakespeare’s four great tragedies / by Kenneth Usongo.
The quest for shakespeare : the peculiar history and surprising legacy of the New Shakspere Society / Jeffrey Kahan.
The refugees / Viet Thanh Nguyen.
The return : fathers, sons, and the land in between / Hisham Matar.
Revelation and convergence : Flannery O’Connor and the Catholic intellectual tradition / edited by Mark Bosco, SJ, and Brent Little.
Ripcord / David Lindsay-Abaire.
Roth after eighty : Philip Roth and the American literary imagination / edited by David Gooblar, Aimee Pozorski.
Samuel Beckett and cinema / Anthony Paraskeva.
The schooldays of Jesus / J.M. Coetzee.
Selection day : a novel / Aravind Adiga.
Shakespeare and ecofeminist theory / Rebecca Laroche and Jennifer Munroe.
Small dictionaries and curiosity : lexicography and fieldwork in post-medieval Europe / John Considine.
Something about Mary / by Michael Soper.
Sons and lovers : the biography of a novel / Neil Roberts.
Soundless impressions : poems / David Jaffin.
South and West : from a notebook / Joan Didion ; foreword by Nathaniel Rich.
The Southern poetry anthology / edited by Stephen Gardner and William Wright.
Sweet and lowdown : Woody Allen’s cinema of regret / Lloyd Michaels.
That self-forgetful perfectly useless concentration / Alan Shapiro.
Thomas Hardy’s short stories : new perspectives / edited by Juliette Berning Schaefer and Siobhan Craft Brownson.
Thoreau and the language of trees / Richard Higgins ; with a foreword by Robert D. Richardson ; and photographs by Richard Higgins.
Transit / Rachel Cusk.
Understanding Andre Dubus / Olivia Carr Edenfield.
Virginia Woolf / edited by James Acheson.
The way of the writer : reflections on the art and craft of storytelling / Charles Johnson.
Whereas : poems / Stephen Dunn.
William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox : the annotated screenplays / edited by Sarah Gleeson-White.
Writer, sailor, soldier, spy : Ernest Hemingway’s secret adventures, 1935-1961 / Nicholas Reynolds.
XX / Campbell McGrath.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION A house full of females : plural marriage and women’s rights in early Mormonism, 1835-1870 / Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
Aesthetic transcendentalism in Emerson, Peirce, and nineteenth-century American landscape painting / Nicholas L. Guardiano.
Cyber Zen : imagining authentic Buddhist identity, community, and practices in the virtual world of Second life / Gregory Price Grieve.
Faces of moderation : the art of balance in an age of extremes / Aurelian Craiutu.
Foucault : the birth of power / Stuart Elden.
From bacteria to Bach and back : the evolution of minds / Daniel C. Dennett.
A house full of females : plural marriage and women’s rights in early Mormonism, 1835-1870 / Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
Loving justice, living shakespeare / Regina Mara Schwartz.
Martin Luther : renegade and prophet / Lyndal Roper.
Mere civility : disagreement and the limits of toleration / Teresa M. Bejan.
Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutics and the discourse of Mark 13 : appropriating the apocalyptic / Peter C. de Vries.
Settling the Valley, proclaiming the Gospel : the general epistles of the Mormon First Presidency / edited by Reid L. Neilson, Nathan N. Waite.
The subtle art of not giving a fu*k : a counterintuitive approach to living a good life / Mark Manson.
Women and indigenous religions / Sylvia Marcos, editor.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY The best writing on mathematics.
The book that changed America : how Darwin’s theory of evolution ignited a nation / Randall Fuller.
Conceptual breakthroughs in ethology and animal behavior / Michael D. Breed.
Cost of inaction : a socioeconomic analysis of costs linked to effects of endocrine disrupting substances on male reproductive health / Marie Louise Holmer, Mattias Carlsson.
Dance to the tune of life : biological relativity / Denis Noble, The University of Oxford, UK.
Food hygiene and applied food microbiology in an anthropological cross cultural perspective / Aleardo Zaccheo, Eleonora Palmaccio, Morgan Venable, Isabella Locarnini-Sciaroni, Salvatore Parisi.
High and dry : meeting the challenges of the world’s growing dependence on groundwater / William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley.
Immunity : the evolution of an idea / Alfred I. Tauber.
The long arm of Moore’s law : microelectronics and American science / Cyrus C.M. Mody.
Making sense of science : separating substance from spin / Cornelia Dean.
Optics in our time / Mohammad D. Al-Amri ; Mohamed M. El-Gomati ; M. Suhail Zubairy, editors.
Pro Spark streaming : the zen of real-time analytics using Apache Spark / Zubair Nabi.
Quantifying the user experience : practical statistics for user research / Jeff Sauro, James R. Lewis.
Staying with the trouble : making kin in the Chthulucene / Donna J. Haraway.
Why time flies : a mostly scientific investigation / Alan Burdick.
SOCIAL SCIENCES 50 great myths of human evolution : understanding misconceptions about our origins / John H. Relethford.
About abortion : terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America / Carol Sanger.
The Anthem companion to Weber / edited by Alan Sica.
Bound feet, young hands : tracking the demise of footbinding in village China / Laurel Bossen and Hill Gates.
Calling the shots : the president, executive orders, and public policy / Daniel P. Gitterman.
Culture in networks / Paul McLean.
Der Fragebogen : von der Forschungsidee zur SPSS-Auswertung / Elisabeth Raab-Steiner ; Michael Benesch.
Digital, political, radical / Natalie Fenton.
Disorderly families : infamous letters from the Bastille Archives / Arlette Farge and Michel Foucault ; edited by Nancy Luxon ; translated by Thomas Scott-Railton ; afterword to the English edition by Arlette Farge.
Energy dreams : of actuality / Michael Marder.
Everything under the heavens : how the past helps shape China’s push for global power / Howard W. French.
Finite media : environmental implications of digital technologies / Sean Cubitt.
The First Amendment under fire : America’s radicals, Congress, and the courts / Milton Cantor.
Forged through fire : war, peace, and the democratic bargain / John Ferejohn and Frances McCall Rosenbluth.
Fraud : an American history from Barnum to Madoff / Edward J. Balleisen.
Freud : an intellectual biography / Joel Whitebook.
How America lost its secrets : Edward Snowden, the man and the theft / Edward Jay Epstein.
How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain / Lisa Feldman Barrett.
In their own words : criminals on crime : an anthology / Michael Birzer, Wichita State University, Paul Cromwell, University of South Florida.
The invention of humanity : equality and cultural difference in world history / Siep Stuurman.
Key concepts in the philosophy of social research / Malcolm Williams.
Left-wing melancholia : Marxism, history, and memory / Enzo Traverso.
The many hands of the state : theorizing political authority and social control / edited by Kimberly J. Morgan, George Washington University ; Ann Shola Orloff, Northwestern University.
The memory code : the secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and other ancient monuments / Dr. Lynne Kelly.
Natural hazards : explanation and integration / Burrell E. Montz, Graham A. Tobin, Ronald R. Hagelman III.
Nature is a battlefield : towards a political ecology / Razmig Keucheyan ; translated by David Broder.
On human bondage : after slavery and social death / edited by John Bodel and Walter Scheidel.
Political socialization in a media-saturated world / edited by Esther Thorson, Mitchell S. McKinney, and Dhavan Shah.
The politics of inequality / Carsten Jensen, Kees van Kersbergen.
Populism : a very short introduction / Cas Mudde and Cristâobal Rovira Kaltwasser.
Prison industrial complex for beginners / by James Braxton Peterson ; illustrated by John Jennings and Stacey Robinson ; foreword by Michael Eric Dyson.
Red : the history of a color / Michel Pastoureau ; translated by Jody Gladding.
Researching a posthuman world : interviews with digital objects / Catherine Adams, Terrie Lynn Thompson.
Self-determination theory : basic psychological needs in motivation, development, and wellness / Richard M. Ryan, Edward L. Deci.
Sex and the constitution : sex, religion, and law from America’s origins to the twenty-first century / Geoffrey R. Stone.
The sociology student writer’s manual and reader’s guide / William A. Johnson, Jr., University of Central Oklahoma, Gregory M. Scott, University of Central Oklahoma Emeritus, Stephen M. Garrison, University of Central Oklahoma.
Substance abuse : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
Successful community leadership and organization : a skills guide for volunteers and professionals / John E. Tropman.
Teaching and learning about communities : principles and practices / Katherine Kravetz.
Testosterone rex : myths of sex, science, and society / Cordelia Fine.
Tides : The science and spirit of the ocean / Jonathan Whited ; foreword by Peter Matthiessen.
Under Osman’s tree : the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and environmental history / Alan Mikhail.
Understanding the outlaw motorcycle gangs : international perspectives / edited by Andy Bain and Mark Lauchs.
The way of the strangers : encounters with the Islamic State / Graeme Wood.
The well-tempered city : what modern science, ancient civilizations, and human nature teach us about the future of urban life / Jonathan F. P. Rose.
Women and children as victims and offenders : background, prevention, reintegration : suggestions for succeeding generations. Volume 1 / Helmut Kury, S±awomir Redo, Evelyn Shea, editors.
Women in modern terrorism : from liberation wars to global Jihad and the Islamic State / Jessica Davis.
VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN A history of light : the idea of photography / Junko Theresa Mikuriya.
Almost nothing : observations on precarious practices in contemporary art / Anna Dezeuze.
Another world : nineteenth century illustrated print culture / Patricia Mainardi.
Beyond resemblance : abstract art in the age of global conceptualism / Robert Linsley.
The complete logbook : 1966-2016 / Renzo Piano ; foreword by Kenneth Frampton.
Conservation at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Elegance : exquisite collection of Indian ethnic designs / Satheesan.
Fallen glory : the lives and deaths of history’s greatest buildings / James Crawford.
A history of light : the idea of photography / Junko Theresa Mikuriya.
Landscapes of modern architecture : Wright, Mies, Neutra, Aalto, Barragâan / Marc Treib.
London uprising : fifty fashion designers, one city / edited by Tania Fares and Sarah Mower.
Machine art in the Twentieth Century / Andreas Broeckmann.
Painting 1909 : Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Henri Bergson, comics, Albert Einstein, and anarchy / Leonard Folgarait.
Photography, trace, and trauma / Margaret Iversen.
The seductions of Darwin : art, evolution, neuroscience / Matthew Rampley.
The surviving image : phantoms of time and time of phantoms : Aby Warburg’s history of art / Georges Didi-Huberman ; translated by Harvey L. Mendelsohn.
Vermeer and the masters of genre painting : inspiration and rivalry / Adriaan E. Waiboer
The Vignelli canon / Massimo Vignelli.