Drop in to the deep end : skateboarding with the Z-Boys / written by Xavier W. Niz ; illustrated by Jesus Aburto.
Fighting spirit : on the field with Jim Thorpe / written by J. Gunderson ; illustrated by Claude St. Aubin ; color by Benny Fuentes.
Float and sting! : one round with Muhammad Ali / written by Davis Miller ; illustrated by Andres Esparza ; color by Jesus Aburto.
Hope! : a story of change in Obama’s America / by Eric Stevens ; illustrated by Nick Derington.
I will take a nap! / by Mo Willems.
Trying to float : coming of age in the Chelsea Hotel / Nicolaia Rips.
The world of Quest. Volume 1 / by Jason T. Kruse.
Yen Press manga teaser : Fall 2007 sampler / [various authors ; translated from the Japanese].