BUSINESS & ECONOMICS The growth mindset : leadership makes a difference in wealth management / Rick Capozzi.
Steam titans : Cunard, Collins, and the epic battle for commerce on the North Atlantic / William M. Fowler Jr.
EDUCATION Back and forth : using an editor’s mindset to improve student writing / Lee Heffernan ; foreword by Rozlyn Linder.
Contextual Teaching and Learning The Effective Strategy for Contextualization of Teaching and Learning.
Developing natural curiosity through project-based learning : five strategies for the preK-3 classroom / Dayna Laur and Jill Ackers.
Dynamic principles of professional development : essential elements of effective teacher preparation / edited by Caroline M. Crawford and Sandra L. Hardy.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Chronicles of a liquid society / Umberto Eco ; translated from the Italian by Richard Dixon.
HEALTH SCIENCES Health communication message design : theory and practice / editor, Hyunyi Cho.
JPHMP’s 21 public health case studies on policy & administration / Lloyd F. Novick, Cynthia B. Morrow, Carole Novick.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES Antiquarianisms : contact, conflict, comparison / edited by Benjamin Anderson and Felipe Rojas.
Black litigants in the antebellum American South / Kimberly M. Welch.
Cherokee in controversy : the life of Jesse Bushyhead / Dan B. Wimberly.
Children of uncertain fortune : mixed-race Jamaicans in Britain and the Atlantic family, 1733-1833 / Daniel Livesay.
Children, death and burial : archaeological discourses / edited by Eileen Murphy and Mâelie Le Roy.
Combined operations : a global history of amphibious and airborne warfare / Jeremy Black.
Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton / edited by Salvatore G. Cilella Jr.
Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton / edited by Salvatore G. Cilella Jr.
Did it! : from yippie to yuppie : Jerry Rubin, an American revolutionary / written by Pat Thomas ; yipped by Kathy Wolf ; zapped by Jacob Covey.
Everyman in Vietnam : a soldier’s journey into the quagmire / Michael Adas, Joseph Gilch.
Far distant ships : the Royal Navy and the blockade of Brest 1793-1815 / Quintin Barry.
The future of war : a history / Lawrence Freedman.
Geology for archaeologists : a short introduction / J.R.L. Allen.
Global crisis : war, climate change and catastrophe in the seventeenth century / Geoffrey Parker.
Great powers, grand strategies : the new game in the South China Sea / edited by Anders Corr.
Hannibal / Patrick N. Hunt.
Hitler’s forgotten flotillas : Kriegsmarine security forces / Lawrence Paterson.
Hope and despair : mutiny, rebellion and death in India, 1946 / Anirudh Deshpande.
In the shadows of victory II : America’s forgotten military leaders, the Spanish-American War to World War II / Thomas D. Phillips.
Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965 / by Morris J. MacGregor, Jr.
Islamic seapower during the age of fighting sail / Philip MacDougall.
Kings of the sea : Charles II, James II and the Royal Navy / JD Davies.
The limits of loyalty : ordinary people in Civil War Mississippi / Jarret Ruminski.
The long Civil War in the north Georgia mountains : Confederate nationalism, sectionalism, and White supremacy in Bartow County, Georgia / Keith S. Hâebert.
Long journeys home : American veterans of World War II, Korea, & Vietnam / Michael D. Gambone.
The long war : CENTCOM, grand strategy, and global security / John Morrissey.
Molluscs in archaeology : methods, approaches and applications / edited by Michael J. Allen.
Mutiny in the Danish Atlantic world : convicts, sailors and a dissonant empire / Johan Heinsen.
Naval advising and assistance : history, challenges, and analysis / edited by Donald Stoker and Michael T. McMaster.
The notorious Captain Hayes : the remarkable true story of William ‘Bully’ Hayes, pirate of the Pacific / Joan Druett.
Omar Nelson Bradley : America’s GI general, 1893-1981 / Steven L. Ossad.
On the ocean : the Mediterranean and the Atlantic from prehistory to AD 1500 / Barry Cunliffe.
The Palatine Wreck : the legend of the New England ghost ship / Jill Farinelli.
Physical barriers, cultural connections : a reconsideration of the metal flow at the beginning of the Metal Age in the Alps / Laura Perucchetti.
Radical aesthetics and modern Black nationalism / GerShun Avilez.
Red Tail captured, Red Tail free : memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman and POW / Alexander Jefferson, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Ret., with Lewis H. Carlson.
The Revolutionary War lives and letters of Lucy and Henry Knox / Phillip Hamilton.
The Royal Navy at Dunkirk : commanding officers’ reports of British warships in action during Operation Dynamo / Martin Mace.
Sea power : the history and geopolitics of the world’s oceans / Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret.).
Ships and maritime landscapes : proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 2012 / edited by Jerzy Gawronski, Andrâe van Holk & Joost Schokkenbroek.
Speaking stones : world cultural heritage sites in India / [text, Bill Aitken and others].
Stalin : waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941 / Stephen Kotkin.
The strong case approach in behavioral archaeology / edited by Michael Brian Schiffer, Charles R. Riggs, and J. Jefferson Reid.
The taking of K-129 : how the CIA used Howard Hughes to steal a Russian sub in the most daring covert operation in history / Josh Dean.
To the walls of Derne : William Eaton, the Tripoli Coup and the end of the First Barbary War / Chipp Reid.
Total volunteer force : lessons from the US military on leadership culture and talent management / Tim Kane.
War by numbers : understanding conventional combat / Christopher A. Lawrence.
Waterloo : the campaign of 1815 / John Hussey ; foreword by Hew Strachan.
Whispers of war : an Afghan freedom fighter’s account of the Soviet invasion / Masood Khalili ; translated by Mahmud Khalili.
LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES The Best American short plays.
The big sick / Amazon Studios and Filmnation Entertainment present an Apatow production, a Filmnation Entertainment production ; produced by Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel ; written by Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani ; directed by Michael Showalter.
The dawn watch : Joseph Conrad in a global world / Maya Jasanoff.
Evening at the talk house / Wallace Shawn.
John Donne and contemporary poetry : essays and poems / Judith Scherer Herz, editor.
Killer Joe / Tracy Letts.
La memoria cinematogrâafica de la guerrilla antifranquista / editado por Pere Joan Tous, Cornelia Ruhe.
Logan / Twentieth Century Fox presents ; in association with Marvel Entertainment and TSG Entertainment ; a Kinberg Genre
Loving Vincent / RBF Productions presents ; in association with Silver Reel
Oslo / J.T. Rogers.
The red letter plays / Suzan-Lori Parks.
Seven one-act plays / by Wendy Wasserstein.
Smart people : a play / Lydia R. Diamond.
The square / producerad av Platform Produktion i samproduktion med Film i Vèast
Theatre, magic and philosophy : William Shakespeare, John Dee and the Italian legacy / Gabriela Dragnea Horvath.
World building : transmedia, fans, industries / edited by Marta Boni.
MUSIC Faðcade entertainments / William Walton.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION After certainty : a history of our epistemic ideals and illusions / Robert Pasnau.
Against Marcellus and On ecclesiastical theology / Eusebius of Caesarea ; translated with introduction and notes by Kelley McCarthy Spoerl, Markus Vinzent.
The gospel according to Renan : reading, writing, and religion in nineteenth-century France / Robert D. Priest.
Resurrection : theological and scientific assessments / edited by Ted Peters, Robert John Russell, Michael Welker.
Sympathy in perception / Mark Eli Kalderon.
The Wiley Blackwell companion to world Christianity / edited by Lamin Sanneh and Michael J. McClymond.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Are we screwed? : how a new generation is fighting to survive climate change / Geoff Dembicki.
Atmospheric evolution on inhabited and lifeless worlds / David C. Catling, University of Washington, James F. Kasting, Pennsylvania State University.
Brazil and climate change : beyond the Amazon / Eduardo Viola and Matâias Franchini.
Building a climate resilient economy and society : challenges and opportunities / edited by K.N. Ninan
Clouds / Richard Hamblyn.
Current topics in research on synapses.
The dialogues : conversations about the nature of the universe / Clifford V. Johnson.
Heat, greed and human need : climate change, capitalism and sustainable wellbeing / Ian Gough.
SOCIAL SCIENCES The 1916 preparedness day bombing : anarchy and terrorism in Progressive Era America / Jeffrey A. Johnson.
The 21st century fight for the Amazon : environmental enforcement in the world’s biggest rainforest / Mark Ungar, editor.
The administrative threat / Philip Hamburger.
The Admiralty Sessions, 1536-1834 : maritime crime and the silver oar / by Gregory Durston.
After austerity : welfare state transformation in Europe after the Great Recession / edited by Peter Taylor-Gooby, Benjamin Leruth, and Heejung Chung.
After the eclipse : a mother’s murder, a daughter’s search / Sarah Perry.
The agency of eating : mediation, food and the body / Emma-Jayne Abbots.
Al Capone’s beer wars : a complete history of organized crime in Chicago during prohibition / John J. Binder.
Al-Qaida in Afghanistan / Anne Stenersen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.
American niceness : a cultural history / Carrie Tirado Bramen.
Ancient Greek and Roman slavery / Peter Hunt, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.
Appropriating innovations : entangled knowledge in Eurasia, 5000-1500 BCE / edited by Philipp W. Stockhammer and Joseph Maran.
The ArcGIS Book : 10 Big Ideas About Applying The Science of Where.
Archaeologies of gender and violence / edited by Uroés Matiâc and Bo Jensen.
At the altar of lynching : burning Sam Hose in the American South / Donald G. Mathews, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (emeritus).
Ballad of the anarchist bandits : the crime spree that gripped Belle âEpoque Paris / John Merriman.
Baltimore : reinventing an industrial legacy city / Klaus Philipsen.
Batos, bolillos, pochos, and pelados : class and culture on the South Texas border / Chad Richardson and Michael J. Pisani.
Believing in Cleveland : managing decline in “The best location in the nation” / J. Mark Souther.
The big push : exposing and challenging the persistence of patriarchy / Cynthia Enloe.
Bit by bit : social research in the digital age / Matthew J. Salganik.
Black boys burning : the 1959 fire at the Arkansas Negro Boys Industrial School / Grif Stockley.
Boko Haram : the history of an African jihadist movement / Alexander Thurston.
The bone book : a photographic lab manual for identifying and siding human bones / by Robert W. Mann, Ph. D., D-ABFA, FCPP.
The book of resting places : a personal history of where we lay the dead / Thomas Mira y Lopez.
Broken scales : reflections on injustice / Joel Cohen with Dale J. Degenshein ; foreword by Honorable Nancy Gertner (Ret.).
Building sustainable cities of the future / Justin Bishop, editor.
Bullets and fire : lynching and authority in Arkansas, 1840-1950 / edited by Guy Lancaster
The Cambridge social history of modern Ireland / edited by Eugenio Biagini, University of Cambridge and Mary E. Daly, University College Dublin.
Challenges in the construction of an inclusive society / edited by Antâonio Lopes and Merja de Mattos-Parreira.
Cheating : ethics in everyday life / Deborah L. Rhode.
Chokehold : policing black men / Paul Butler.
Cities and the knowledge economy : promise, politics and possibilities / Tim May and Beth Perry.
City of the sun : development and popular resistance in the pre-modern West / Michael Martin.
Citymakers : the culture and craft of practical urbanism / Cassim Shepard ; foreword by Rosalie Genevro ; principal photography by Alex Fradkin.
The class struggle in Latin America : making history today / James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer.
Colonialism and its aftermath : a history of Aboriginal South Australia / edited by Peggy Brock and Tom Gara.
The concept of action / N.J. Enfield, University of Sydney, Jack Sidnell, University of Toronto.
Condensed chaos : an introduction to chaos magic / by Phil Hine ; foreword by Peter J. Carroll.
Could it happen here? : Canada in the age of Trump and Brexit / Michael Adams.
The crisis of multiculturalism in Europe : a history / Rita Chin.
Death in the air : the true story of a serial killer, the great London smog, and the strangling of a city / Kate Winkler Dawson.
A debt against the living : an introduction to originalism / Ilan Wurman.
Democracy in chains : the deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America / Nancy MacLean.
Developing research questions / Patrick White.
Disproportionate minority contact : current issues and policies / edited by Nicolle Parsons-Pollard.
Disrobed : how clothing predicts economic cycles, saves lives, and determines the future / Syl Tang.
Down and out in New Orleans : transgressive living in the informal economy / Peter Marina.
Dystopia’s provocateurs : peasants, state, and informality in the Polish-German borderlands / Edyta Materka.
East Asia’s other miracle : explaining the decline of mass atrocities / Alex J. Bellamy.
The end of policing / Alex S. Vitale.
Emigrating from China to the United States : a comparison of different social experiences / by Yushi (Boni) Li, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky.
Encyclopedia of political assassinations / Nigel West.
Enemies known and unknown : targeted killings in America’s transnational war / Jack McDonald.
Engaging with the dead : exploring changing human beliefs about death, mortality and the human body / edited by Jennie Bradbury and Chris Scarre.
The European border and coast guard : addressing migration and asylum challenges in the Mediterranean? / chairman, Enrico Letta ; rapporteurs, Sergio Carrera, Steven Blockmans, Jean-Pierre Cassarino, Daniel Gros, Elspeth Guild.
Everyday desistance : the transition to adulthood among formerly incarcerated youth / Laura S. Abrams, Diane J. Terry.
Evidence-based policing : translating research into practice / Cynthia Lum and Christopher S. Koper.
The evolution of the juvenile court : race, politics, and the criminalizing of juvenile justice / Barry C. Feld.
Examining genocides : means, motive, and opportunity / Michael P. Jasinski.
The exile : the stunning inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in flight / Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy.
Facets of fieldwork : essays in honor of Jèurg Wassmann / Alexis Th. von Poser, Anita von Poser (eds.).
The first global integrated marine assessment : world ocean assessment I / by the group of experts of the regular process : Lorna Inniss and Alan Simcock
The forgotten flight : terrorism, diplomacy and the pursuit of justice / Stuart H. Newberger.
The formation of the English common law : law and society in England from King Alfred to Magna Carta / John Hudson.
Freemasonry : a very short introduction / Andreas èOnnerfors.
From retribution to public safety : disruptive innovation of American criminal justice / William R. Kelly, with Robert Pitman and William Streusand.
From trouble to triumph : true stories of redemption from drugs, gangs & prison / Alisha M. Rosas ; introduction by Luis J. Rodriguez.
Gangs and the military : gangsters, bikers, and terrorists with military training / Carter F. Smith.
Gangsters to governors : the new bosses of gambling in America / David Clary.
The gang’s all queer : the lives of gay gang members / Vanessa R. Panfil.
The gender of crime / Dana M. Britton, Shannon K. Jacobsen, and Grace Howard.
GEOvalue : the socioeconomic value of geospatial information / edited by Jamie Kruse, Joep Crompvoets, and Francoise Pearlman.
Ghost of the innocent man : a true story of trial and redemption / Benjamin Rachlin.
GIS and the social sciences : theory and applications / Dimitris Ballas, Graham Clarke, Rachel S. Franklin and Andy Newing.
Harpoon : inside the covert war against terrorism’s money masters / Nitsana Darshan-Leitner and Samuel M. Katz.
Heritage and change in the Arctic : resources for the present, and the future / edited by Robert C. Thomsen and Lill Rastad Bj²rst.
Hidden atrocities : Japanese germ warfare and American obstruction of justice at the Tokyo Trial / Jeanne Guillemin.
How failed attempts to amend the Constitution mobilize political change / Roger C. Hartley.
Humanitarianism, war, and politics : Solferino to Syria and beyond / Peter J. Hoffman and Thomas G. Weiss ; foreword by Jan Egeland.
Incitement on trial : prosecuting international speech crimes / Richard Ashby Wilson, University of Connecticut School of Law.
Inside terrorism / Bruce Hoffman.
Interviewing in social science research : a relational approach / Lee Ann Fujii.
Jihad and Dawah : evolving narratives of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat ud Dawah / Samina Yasmeen.
The judgment of culture : cultural assumptions in American law / Lawrence Rosen.
Jumping at shadows : the triumph of fear and the end of the American dream / Sasha Abramsky.
Kill all normies : the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump / Angela Nagle.
Lady killers : deadly women throughout history / Tori Telfer ; [illustrations by Dame Darcy].
Law and education : contemporary issues and court decisions / Richard S. Vacca
The law & politics of Brexit / edited by Federico Fabbrini.
Making sense of parenthood : caring, gender and family lives / Tina Miller.
Owned : property, privacy, and the new digital serfdom / Joshua A.T. Fairfield.
Palaeolithic pioneers : behaviour, abilities, and activity of early Homo in European landscapes around the western Mediterranean basin ~1.3-0.05 Ma. / Michael J. Walker.
Patriarchy / by Pavla Miller.
Prairie defender : the murder trials of Abraham Lincoln / George R. Dekle, Sr.
Privacy : what everyone needs to know / Leslie P. Francis, John G. Francis.
The police in a free society : safeguarding rights while enforcing the law / Todd Douglas.
The politics of attack : communiquâes and insurrectionary violence / Michael Loadenthal.
The rise of big data policing : surveillance, race, and the future of law enforcement / Andrew Guthrie Ferguson.
Same-sex marriage and the Constitution / Evan Gerstmann.
Shapes of American ballet : teachers and training before Balanchine / Jessica Zeller.
The shipwreck hunter :  : a lifetime of extraordinary discovery and adventure in the deep seas / David L. Mearns.
Slavery and freedom in Texas : stories from the courtroom, 1821-1871 / Jason A. Gillmer.
Studies in forensic biohistory : anthropological perspectives / edited Christopher M. Stojanowski, Arizona State University, USA, William N. Duncan, East Tennessee State University, USA.
Tear gas : from the battlefields of World War I to the streets of today / Anna Feigenbaum.
A theory of ISIS : political violence, and the transformation of the global order / Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou.
Trisha Brown : choreography as visual art / Susan Rosenberg.
Un-American activities : the trials of William Remington / Gary May.
What is anthropology? / Thomas Hylland Eriksen.