CHILDREN’S BOOKS Animal architects / Daniel Nassar, Julio Antonio Blasco.
Animal hospital : rescuing urban wildlife / Julia Coey.
Big red kangaroo / Claire Saxby ; illustrated by Graham Byrne.
Burning out : energy from fossil fuels / Nancy Dickmann.
Child convicts / Net Brennan.
Cool creations in 101 pieces / Sean Kenney.
Earth’s climate change : carbon dioxide overload / James Bow.
Energy from Earth’s core : geothermal energy / James Bow.
Energy from living things : biomass energy / Rachel Stuckey.
Energy from nuclear fission : splitting the atom / Nancy Dickmann.
Energy from the sun : solar power / James Bow.
Energy from wind : wind farming / Megan Kopp.
Forgotten bones : uncovering a slave cemetery / Lois Miner Huey.
Fracking : fracturing rock to reach oil and gas underground / Nancy Dickmann.
Friend or foe : the whole truth about animals that people love to hate / written by Etta Kaner ; illustrated by David Anderson.
Going ice fishing : lever vs. screw / by Mari Schuh.
Hauling a pumpkin : wheels and axles vs. lever / by Mari Schuh.
Holding a door open : wedge vs. wheels and axles / by Mari Schuh.
A is for activist / written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara.
Learning about ads / by Martha E.H. Rustad.
Learning about fact and opinion / by Martha E.H. Rustad.
Learning about plagiarism / by Nikki Bruno Clapper.
Learning About Primary Sources / by Nikki Bruno Clapper ; consultant, JoAnne DeLurey Reed.
Learning about privacy / by Martha E.H. Rustad ; consulting editor: Gail Saunders-Smith, PhD ; consultant: JoAnne DeLurey Reed, Librarian and Teacher, Scroggins Elementary School Houston, Texas.
Living in a sustainable way : green communities / Megan Kopp.
Maker lab : 28 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover / Jack Challoner ; foreword by Jack Andraka.
Making a salad : wedge vs. inclined plane / by Mari Schuh.
Omaha Beach on D-Day / photographs, Robert Capa ; story, Jean-David Morvan & Sâeverine Trâefouèel ; design, Dominique Bertail ; original text, Bernard Lebrun ; English translation, Edward Gauvin.
Once upon an elephant / by Linda Stanek ; illustrated by Shennen Bersani.
Playing a game : inclined plane vs. lever / by Mari Schuh.
Putting earth first : eating and living green / Megan Kopp.
Raising a bag of toys : pulley vs. inclined plane / by Mari Schuh.
Saving eyesight : adventures of Seva around the world / Linda Pruessen.
She Persisted : 13 American Women Who Changed the World / written by Chelsea Clinton ; Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger.
Simple machines / by D.J. Ward ; illustrated by Mike Lowery.
Take shelter : at home around the world / Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton.
Thing explainer : complicated stuff in simple words / Randall Munroe.
Traveling butterflies / Susumu Shingu.
Tree of wonder : the many marvelous lives of a rainforest tree / by Kate Messner ; illustrated by Simona Mulazzani.
Tugboat / by Michael Garland.
The way to school / Rosemary McCarney with Plan International.
Zoobots : wild robots inspired by real animals / written by Helaine Becker ; illustrated by Alex Ries.