EBOOKS, WEEK OF 12-10-2018

7 steps to wealth : the vital difference between property and real estate / John L. Fitzgerald.
ABC Sports : the rise and fall of network sports television / Travis Vogan.
The achievement gap : a poverty crisis, not an education crisis / Michele Wages.
Active learning from infancy to childhood : social motivation, cognition, and linguistic mechanisms / Megan M. Saylor, Patricia A. Ganea, editors.
Addiction / David J. Nutt, Liam J. Nestor.
Addictive consumption : capitalism, modernity and excess / Gerda Reith.
The adulteration of children’s sports : waning health and well-being in the age of organized play / Kristi Erdal.
Adventures in memory [electronic resource] : the science and secrets of remembering and forgetting / Hilde, ¢stby & Ylva  ¢stby.
Affect theory, genre, and the example of tragedy : dreams we learn / Duncan A. Lucas.
Affective ecocriticsm : emotion, embodiment, environment / edited by Kyle Bladow and Jennifer Ladino.
Alive at work : the neuroscience of helping your people love what they do / Daniel M. Cable.
All Fall Down : debt, deregulation and financial crises / Jane D’Arista.
Are markets moral? / edited by Arthur M. Melzer and Steven J. Kautz.
Authentic Leadership (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series).
Averting a school crisis : a risk management guide on preparedness for school faculty and parents / Cody M. Santiago.
Baseball and American culture : a history / John P. Rossi.
Belief change : introduction and overview / Eduardo Fermâe, Sven Ove Hansson.
Belief systems and the perception of reality / edited by Bastiaan Dr Rutjens, Mark Dr Brandt.
Black mental health : patients, providers, and systems / edited by Ezra E.H. Griffith, Billy E. Jones, Altha J. Stewart.
Body positive : understanding and improving body image in science and practice / edited by Elizabeth A. Daniels, Meghan M. Gillen and Charlotte H. Markey.
Cap in hand : how salary caps are killing pro sports and why the free market could save them / Bruce Dowbiggin and Ryan Gauthier.
Child Rights Education for Inclusion and Protection : Primary Prevention / Murli Desai, Sheetal Goel.
Combat zone : the continuing war against the public schools / by Arthur Shapiro.
Complementary research methods for educational leadership and policy studies / Chad R. Lochmiller, editor.
The craft of university teaching / Peter Lindsay.
Developing socio-emotional intelligence in higher education scholars / Camila Devis-Rozental.
Diversity, equity, and inclusivity in contemporary higher education / [edited by] Rhonda Jeffries.
Eating animals / Jonathan Safran Foer.
Economics and modern warfare : the invisible fist of the market / Michael Taillard.
Emotional wellbeing : an introductory handbook for schools / Gillian Shotton and Sheila Burton.
Energy Footprints of the Energy Sector / Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor.
Ethics and economic theory / by Khalid Mir.
Everyday school violence : an educator’s guide to safer schools / Sarah E. Daly.
Fundamentals of occupational therapy : an introduction to the profession / Bernadette Hattjar.
Handbook of child and adolescent aggression / edited by Tina Malti, Kenneth H. Rubin ; foreword by Tracy Vaillancourt.
International aspects of organizational ethics in educational systems / by Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky.
Investigating college student misconduct / Oren R. Griffin.
Media U : How the Need to Win Audiences Has Shaped Higher Education / John Marx, Mark Garrett Cooper.
Never stop learning : stay relevant, reinvent yourself, and thrive / Bradley R. Staats.
Never work harder than your students : & other principles of great teaching / Robyn R. Jackson.
No reluctant citizens : teaching civics in K-12 classrooms / edited by Jeremiah Clabough, Timothy Lintner.
Outcomes of high-quality clinical practice in teacher education / edited by David Hoppey, Diane Yendol-Hoppey.
Rape culture on campus / Meredith Minister.
Reach everyone, teach everyone : universal design for learning in higher education / Thomas J. Tobin and Kirsten T. Behling.
Reconceptualizing disability in education / Luigi Iannacci.
Storytime and beyond : having fun with early literacy / Kathy Barco and Melanie Borski-Howard.
Teaching readers in post-truth America / Ellen C. Carillo.