HEALTH SCIENCES Environmental public health : the practitioner’s guide / Paul L. Knechtges, PhD, MS, REHS, Gregory D. Kearney, DrPH, MPH, REHS, Beth A. Resnick, DrPH, MPH.
HISTORY & MARITIME STUDIES Arab voices : what they are saying to us, and why it matters / James Zogby.
Blind into Baghdad : America’s war in Iraq / James Fallows.
Freedom farmers : agricultural resistance and the black freedom movement / Monica M. White.
Silver State dreadnought : the remarkable story of Battleship Nevada / Stephen M. Younger.
Victory without peace : the United States Navy in European waters, 1919-1924 / William N. Still Jr.
Winged brothers : naval aviation as lived by Ernest and Macon Snowden / Ernest Snowden.
The wrong war : grit, strategy, and the way out of Afghanistan / Bing West.
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Convection-diffusion problems : an introduction to their analysis and numerical solution / Martin Stynes, David Stynes.
Kuga varieties : fiber varieties over a symmetric space whose fibers are abeliean varieties / Michio Kuga.
Science and public reason / Sheila Jasanoff.
SOCIAL SCIENCES Black on both sides : a racial history of trans identity / C. Riley Snorton.
Every nation has its dish : black bodies and black food in twentieth-century America / Jennifer Jensen Wallach.
The one percent doctrine : deep inside America’s pursuit of its enemies since 9/11 / Ron Suskind.