FEDERAL DOCUMENTS American Latinos and the making of the United States : a theme study.
Approach : the Naval Safety Center’s aviation magazine.
Audio description resource guide.
Book of valor : Combined Task Force Strike Operation Enduring Freedom 10-11  / 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).
The Bureau of Reclamation’s architectural legacy : 1902 to 1955  / by Christine E. Pfaff.
Characteristics of facilities for the mentally retarded, 1986.
Characteristics of pharmacists, United States / by Hannah Davis and Gloria Kapantais.
Characteristics of registered nurses, 1972 and 1977-78.
Cordon of steel : the U.S. Navy and the Cuban missile crisis  / by Curtis A. Utz.
Cultural landscape report for Governors Island National Monument.
Decennial census data for selected health occupation : United States 1980  / [G. Gloria Kapantais].
Disability awareness for children pre-K through sixth grade.
Employees in nursing homes in the United States : 1973-74 national nursing home survey  / Al Sirrocco.
Employees in nursing homes in the United States : 1977 national nursing home survey.
Environmental quality : the … annual report of the Council on Environmental Quality.
Fact book / Naval Research Laboratory.
The facts about breast cancer and mammograms.
The Influence of history on Mahan : the proceedings of a conference marking the centenary of Alfred Thayer Mahan’s The influence of sea power upon history, 1660-1783  / edited by John B. Hattendorf.
Information sources and services directory / prepared by Office of Library and Information Services ; … coordinated by Resource and Land Investigations Program, Geological Survey.
Inpatient health facilities as reported from the 1976 MFI survey / by Jeannine Fox Sutton and Al Sirrocco.
Inpatient health facilities statistics, United States, 1978.
Interim inventory and assessment of abandoned mineral lands in the National Park system / John E. Burghardt, Elizabeth S. Norby, Harold S. Pranger II.
Inventory and prototype monitoring of natural resources in selected National Park System units, 1998-1999.
Managing the cost of government : building an effective financial management structure  / Comptroller General of the United States.
Mortality surveillance system : models from the first year  / [Chevarley, FM … [et al.]].
The National inventory of family planning services : 1975 survey results  / Donna L. Morrow.
The national inventory of family planning services : 1978 survey results.
National park system / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
Nursing and related care homes as reported from the 1982 National master facility inventory survey.
Nursing home characteristics : 1986 inventory of long-term care places.
Nursing homes in the United States : 1973-74 national nursing home survey  / by Al Sirrocco and Hugo K. Koch.
Ocmulgee / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
Podiatry manpower : a general profile, United States, 1974  / Kenneth Stant and Aaron Handler.
Podiatry workforce : characteristics of the provision of patient care, United States, 1974  / [P. Hannah Davis Zytnick, Kenneth W. Stant, Joseph P. Barbano, Division of Health Manpower and Facilities Statistics].
Style manual.
Supporting allied offensives 8 August-11 November 1918 / by Paul B. and Alexander A. Falbo-Wild.
Travel and recreation for the visually impaired and physically disabled.
Trends in nursing and related care homes and hospitals, United States, selected years, 1969-1980 / Genevive Strahan.
Trends in the podiatric profession : a comparative study of the 1970 and 1974 survey data  / Leonard Greenberg.
World War I battlefield companion / American Battle Monuments Commission.
Your money, your goals : a financial empowerment toolkit / [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau].