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Will to fight : analyzing
Women and power at the French court, 1483-1563 / edited by Susan Broomhall.
Women and War in the 21st Century : A Country-by-Country Guide / Margaret D. Sankey.
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LITERATURE & LITERARY STUDIES Allegories of encounter : colonial literacy and Indian captivities / Andrew Newman.
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First reformed / an A24 release ; a Killer Films production
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MUSIC Morceau de concours : pour baryton ou basse si© avec accompagnement de piano / J.-Ed. Barat.
PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION The genealogy of terror : how to distinguish between Islam, Islamism, and Islamist extremism / Matthew L.N. Wilkinson.
Militant Islam / G.H. Jansen.
Pentecostals in America / Arlene M. Sâanchez Walsh.
Posthumanism / edited by Neil Badmington.
Postmodern theory and progressive politics : toward a new humanism / Thomas de Zengotita.
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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 18 miles : the epic drama of our atmosphere and its weather / Christopher Dewdney.
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Review of the draft Fourth National Climate Assessment / Committee to Review the Draft Fourth National Climate Assessment
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SOCIAL SCIENCES 21st century Philippines piracy : the Abu Sayyaf adds a new dimension to terror / by Bob East.
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Betraying Big Brother : the feminist awakening in China / Leta Hong Fincher.
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Big copyright versus the people : how major content providers are destroying creativity and how to stop them / Martin Skladany.
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Childhood, culture & society : in a global context / Michael Wyness.
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Counterstrike : the untold story of America’s secret campaign against al Qaeda / Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker.
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Ethnography / Anthony Kwame Harrison.
Feminism’s forgotten fight : the unfinished struggle for work and family / Kirsten Swinth.
Fewer, better things : the hidden wisdom of objects / Glenn Adamson.
The first farmers of Europe : an evolutionary perspective / Stephen Shennan.
Forgiveness in practice / edited by Stephen Hance.
Future Jihad : terrorist strategies against America / Walid Phares.
Genealogies of terrorism : revolution, state violence, empire / Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson.
Geography : a toolkit for international teachers / Simon Armitage.
The geysers of Yellowstone / T. Scott Bryan.
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The golden age of piracy : the rise, fall, and enduring popularity of pirates / edited by David Head.
Governing climate change : global cities and transnational lawmaking / Jolene Lin.
Helping survivors of authoritarian parents, siblings, and partners : a guide for professionals / Eric Maisel.
The human right to a healthy environment / edited by John H. Knox, Ramin Pejan.
The hunt for KSM : inside the pursuit and takedown of the real 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed / Terry McDermott and Josh Meyer.
Ice : nature and culture / Klaus Dodds.
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Jihadism : past and present / Nirode Mohanty.
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Justice behind the Iron Curtain : Nazis on trial in communist Poland / Gabriel N. Finder and Alexander V. Prusin.
Lâevi-Strauss : a biography / Emmanuelle Loyer ; translated by Ninon Vinsonneau and Jonathan Magidoff.
Law’s trials : the performance of legal institutions in the US “War on Terror” / Richard L. Abel.
Law’s wars : the fate of the rule of law in the US ‘War on Terror’ / Richard L. Abel.
Let’s talk about death over dinner : an invitation and guide to life’s most important conversation / Michael Hebb.
Love, sex, and desire in modern Egypt : navigating the margins of respectability / L.L. Wynn.
Lying for the admiralty : Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage / Margaret Cameron-Ash ; foreword by John Howard.
Made in Brooklyn : artists, hipsters, makers, gentrifiers / Amanda Wasielewski.
Mâexico’s nobodies : the cultural legacy of the soldadera and Afro-Mexican women / B. Christine Arce.
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Reflections on crime and culpability : problems and puzzles / Larry Alexander, University of San Diego, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, University of Virginia.
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