• Thanks for trying to post the map, but this is unfortunately a useless image. The resolution is far too low for anyone to inspect. Could someone simply take a 5 meg photo with iPhone? Even that would provide a superior image! Thanks for the commemoration, I am hoping to attend.

    • Mr. Howard’s note has reminded us to inform readers looking at our http://www.neyuheruke.org website that nearly all of the images of maps used on our website are used by the permission of their owners. We have paid fees for the use of these images for certain purposes. However, we are prevented in every case of posting on our website copies of map images that might be copied and distributed without the owners’ consent. There are enlarged copies of all the maps in our Neyuheruke 300 exhibit in Joyner Library. Folk coming to the commemorative events on 21-23 March can examine the map copies in detail. In each case, the owners of the images are listed in credit lines and persons interested in securing copies for researh may contact their owners and secure images and permissions for analysis and research.

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