Teresa Morris

Please know that you and the good folks working together on the upcoming 300th are surely in my thoughts and prayers as you answer your higher calling on various levels.

On a personal note….

I am one voice….one face….one lifelong student….one teacher living right here on the homefront that serves as a multi-generational reminder of those Ancestors having come before me. May we acknowledge….honor….remember those having come before…including individuals noted as Ancestors having chosen to NEVER leave eastern~coastal NC.

I embrace all branches of my family tree.  This includes my local indigenous roots and roots from foreign shores.  (By divine grace…. I continue being a lifelong student…a work in progress.)

The following is a quote (lifted from a little book for young students) that I was moved to write a few years ago.

Teresa Morris Quote:

“The elders have taught us that in everything we do, we must consider how it will affect the next Seven Generations.  The idea is that if each Generation did this we would all be taken care of, because our beloved Ancestors will have cleared the path for us to travel forward….in a good way.

Long ago our Ancestors walked this land and fished these living waters.  This was their birthing place…resting place…original homeland…Promised Land~created to be held in a Living Trust, not just by man-made laws or conditions, but by the spiritual laws and conditions of our Creator, God, Almighty.

Long ago this Living Trust was broken, and so was our family circle. Today, we give thanks as our circle is once again being restored as we reach out to connect with one another, unify, heal and come together as an extended family.  Yah kwen’~heh!

Blessings & Grace

Teresa Morris



  • I went to see the Nooherooka Monument . There were two Tuscarora Indians there on the side of the road. They were told they could not be one the land. This made me sick. This land is where their ancestors were killed and buried. They were run off before when they were here. This land should be considered sacred land or Indian burial grounds. They should not be on the side of the road when they are only here to observe the anniversary of the death of their ancestors. I told them I would stand with them if they were told to leave again this time. This is not how they should be treated!!!!

  • I don’t know if this is good or bad. The lands where our ancestors died is a dead zone…we can’t even step foot there because we are the descendents that were spared. Why do you not include ALL the Tuscarora in NC? WE ALL HAVE 6 NATIONS CARDS. And we are the ones who stayed behind only 276 families of over 800 migrated north. To not include our Tribe is an insult to say the least. You know by the meeting in 97 we are still here. I spoke at your Lawson Symposium, and did CE courses at Duke University. No one has authority over direct lineal descendents to do anything with the remains accordig to NAGPRA. I want to see a letter from 6 Nations giving anyone permission to take possession of these remains. And the rest of ours are from Bertie County NC. They had better not be included, or you will carry the curse forever. WE HAVE 5 ACRES ALLOCATED FOR REINTERNMENT WAITING IN MERRY HILL, OUR VILLAGE OF TANDEQUEMUC.
    Aho Bear Clanmother Marilyn Dreamwalker Mejorado Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe 252-717-7421—BERTIE COUNTY NC