The exhibition, Neyuheruke 300, located in Joyner Library on East Carolina University campus from January through April 2013, provides a timeline of the Tuscarora Nation from the time of European settlement in North America through the Tuscarora War, and includes images on the Tuscarora Reservation today. It will feature early English maps showing the location of Indian nations and the first maps that specified the sites of Tuscarora settlements. They also feature the ‘Indian Wars’ of the early 18th century as well as a map of the battle site of Fort Nooherooka, where 900 Indians led by European military commanders killed, captured, or buried alive 900 Tuscarora Indians. The timeline will end with a description of the Tuscarora Nation today. Also featured in the exhibition will be photographs of artifacts found during archeological excavations from the 1990s at the Nooherooka site.

A set of the maps used in the exhibit have been given to the Tuscarora Nation for exhibition in the cultural center on the Tuscarora Reservation.

An identical set of maps have been provided to the Green County Museum for use in their exhibition on the Nooherooka site near Snow Hill, NC.