News Articles

“Tuscarora Nation: A search for peace” By Rochelle Moore, March 21, 2014, The Wilson Times:

 “Honoring a Nation Far Removed” by Margaret Fisher, March 2, 2013,  Kinston Free Press:

Charlotte Observer reprinted Josh Shaffer’s News and Observer article on March 2:

Neyuheruke 300 in the Raleigh News & Observer: “300 years later, a forgotten Indian massacre gets renewed attention”

Tuscarora arriving amid local Indian discontent (March 21, Kingston Free Press

Historic massacre resonates in state Indians’ memories (March 22, The News & Observer )

300 years after exile, Tuscarora Nation gets monument in Greene County (March 23, WNCT | 9  [the news station from CBS for Greenville and Eastern NC]

Tuscarora gather for monument dedication (March 23, Kingston Free Press

Tuscarora Nation presents wampum belt (March 26, The East Carolinian