Nooherooka 300 and Beyond

section dividerWelcome to the new Nooherooka 300 and Beyond website.  Through the 300th commemoration of the battle at Fort Neyuheruke, 21-23 March 2013, this website was devoted to preparations for the tercentenary commemoration.  To the many groups and individuals who supported and participated in that memorable occasion, we hereby express a warm  and hearty Nya:weh (thank you).

From this time forward, we will be adding information, images, and video footage on the commemoration in 2013 as well as further developments in researching, interpreting, and preserving the Neyuheruke story and the material culture and historic sites of the Tuscarora War in North Carolina. We invite you to join in this continuing exploration of one of the turning points in both North Carolina and American history.