February 2012

Jill Jelnick, Sophomore- Softball

Major: English

Q:   What would you like to do with your major?

A:   I would like to be a high school English teacher and a softball coach.

Q:   How do you manage your athletic, academic, and personal responsibilities?

A:    I try to balance as many things as I can without overwhelming myself with too many commitments. I like to keep my priorities straight and always leave time for my academics; as well as staying committed to my sport physically and mentally.

Q:   Do you have a quote or philosophy that you live by?

A:    “Everything happens for a reason”. “If we didn’t have bad days, our good days wouldn’t look so good.

Q:   What has been your best moment (to date) while playing for ECU?

A:    Being a part of the C-USA conference tournament championship team in 2011.

Q:   What advice would you give to future ECU student-athletes?

A:    Stay positive and keep your head up. Anything new always starts out hard, but with more practice and more experience, things will become easier for you. Also, learn how to have fun and make the best of all situations.


  • Born in Aliso Viejo, California
  • Attended Aliso Niguel High School in Aliso Viejo, CA
  • Has a younger brother, JJ and a younger sister, Jeralyn
  • Loves going out to eat with friends and having movie nights.
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite food: Grandma’s pasta
  • Favorite movie: Indiana Jones 
  • Best vacation: Family vacation to Pine Mountain Yosemite