Banner SSB – The Banner SSB tool is your gateway to the Banner Self Service suite of applications. Applications available within Banner SSB are probably already familiar to you with items such as course registration, schedules, transcripts, etc. Though you can access them via ECU Onestop, you can now access them from your mobile device via Onestop Mobile.

Once selected, your browser will open a new browser window containing the Banner SSB system. Onestop Mobile will automatically log you in to Banner SSB so you are ready to go. Remember, always logoff Banner SSB when you are done with your session for security purposes.

Course Catalog – The course catalog allows any Onestop Mobile user to search course section offerings for a selected term.  To begin, simply select the desired term.  Next, select the desired course title.  Finally, select the desired course number.  Once the previous information has been selected, a list of all sections of the selected course for the selected term will be displayed.  From this page, you can view each section with meetings days and times along with available seats.

If you would like more detailed information, simply touch the desired section to be presented with details such as the instructor, meeting location, course attributes, credit hours, etc.  Some of these additional details have options.  For example, if you touch the “course description” detail item, you can view the official ECU catalog description.

GPA Calculator – The GPA Calculator is the ultimate “what if?” tool. Once selected from the main “Tools” menu, you are presented with a list of your registered courses for the current term. Next to each course, you are presented with a drop-down menu of possible grades. Now, simply select the anticipated grade next to each course. Once you are done with each course, touch the calculate button.

Once you touch the calculation button, your estimated GPA for the current term is calculated and displayed. Additionally, your estimated cumulative GPA is calculated and displayed so you may see how your anticipated grades affect it as well.

My Courses – While your course grades are important at the end of the term, your course schedule is important at the beginning of the term. The My Courses application provides you with an simple way to view your course schedule for the current term or terms past.

Start by selecting a term from the drop-down menu and touching the button to continue. You will then be presented with your course schedule for that term. You may also touch any course that is part of your schedule for additional details such as meeting days and times,location of the course, instructor, course attributes, etc. As with the Course Catalog application, you may also receive additional details for attributes such as the instructor and location of the course.

My Course Grades – My Course Grades is one of the most used tools available in Onestop Mobile… and with good reason. Use this tool to view grades for a selected term. In addition to your grades, you can view your overall or cumulative GPA as well as the GPA for the term.

To get started, simply select the desired term from the provided drop-down menu. If final grades have been posted and processed, a final grade is displayed with each course from the selected term. Once all final grades have been posted and GPAs have been calculated, your current cumulative GPA and term GPA is displayed. If you touch the GPA, you are shown additional details about the GPA such as quality points earned, credit hours earned, etc.

My Hold Tags – No one wants one but nearly all of us have had at least one at some point. We’re talking about hold tags. This particular tool does one thing, display any outstanding hold tag or tags you may have. If no hold tags are listed, then you don’t have any active hold tags. However, if you do have one or more hold tags, the hold tag(s) is displayed here.

If you do have one or more hold tags displayed, you may also touch a hold tag to display additional details. Additional items include date the hold tag was added and whether or not the hold tag would keep you from registering for courses during the course registration period.

Pay Information – If you are an employee, there are many things about working at East Carolina University important to you. One of those things is pay day. Use this application to view your pay information. If you have been using the Pay Information application on Onestop, then using the mobile version should be very familiar.

Simply navigate the application to view your current and past pay checks using the ‘current’ and ‘YTD (year to date)’ toggle to view current totals and year to date totals where available. Select options such as taxes, deductions, and earnings to view details of each. Remember, information is not available for a pay check until the pay date has arrived.

My Textbooks – It is something you do at the beginning of every semester…. shop for textbooks. One of the most used Onestop applications is the Textbook Listing. Now, you can produce a textbook listing for your courses from your mobile device with ECU Onestop Mobile.

To get started, simply select the desired term from the drop-down selection box and touch the button to continue. Once you touch the continue button, you are presented with a list of textbooks for the selected term’s courses. You may also touch any desired textbook to receive additional information about it such as ISBN, publisher, new/used prices, etc.

Schedule an Appointment – The Adviser Scheduler Onestop application is very popular. The application allows you to schedule an appointment with your adviser if he or she participate in online scheduling. Now, the same functionality of the Onestop application is available in Onestop Mobile as the Schedule and Appointment application

If your adviser participates in online scheduling, you have the option to schedule an appointment by touching the option to schedule an appointment. You are next presented with options for available dates and times for your appointment. Once you have selected a date and time, the appointment is made with your adviser. Also, an appointment is automatically added to your Microsoft Exchange calendar.

Tuition Billing – Using Onestop, paying for your tuition has never been easier than using the Tuition Billing application. Now, the same application you’ve been using on Onestop is available on Onestop Mobile. As with Banner SSB, Onestop and Onestop Mobile provide access to our external tuition billing and payment system through a secure sign-on process.

To get started and pay your tuition bill with your credit card, simply follow the instructions provided. Once you touch the button to continue, a new browser window is opened and access provided to the tuition billing and payment system. From that point forward, simply follow the instructions to pay your tuition bill with your credit card.