A Grad Assistant’s Farewell

So I am finishing up my time working on the collection and thought a final wrap-up might be in order. Based on my experience with the collection I think it is a very valuable resource to see the detailed records of an organization that worked tirelessly (and still does) to foster growth and camaraderie in the world of outdoor drama. From souvenir programs spanning over 50 years to feasability studies and attendance statistics, the IOT records tell the story of an organization that has been there providing support and sage advice to the industry. Searching through the collection, one gets a sense of the history of the outdoor theatre movement with its early successes through boom times and economic downturns. One thing remained steady though; the hard work of the Institute of Outdoor Theatre and the many theatre companies, past and present, who risk it all to bring high quality entertainment to the masses and provide economic sustainability to regions throughout the US and beyond. I am thankful to have learned more about outdoor theatre than I knew there was to learn and to have been able to work with great people while doing it. I plan to get out and see as many productions as I can this summer and encourage any readers out there to do the same!


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