Three Months To Go

Just under three months left. It doesn’t seem possible. The project has come a long way since October. For one, the archives are now in a temperature and humidity controlled environment which will help to slow down the decay process. With the exception of oversized materials (such as blueprints, posters, and large photographs), the paper materials are in archival folders, awaiting their move to archival boxes in the coming weeks. Now that everything has been gone through and put into proper folders, it was time to arrange them into an order that makes best sense…to create series. The Institute of Outdoor Theatre’s organization and arrangement of materials naturally created some of the series, with a couple of boxes seemingly out of place from packing all the materials up, particularly the last box Puzzle Piecesbrought over which contained files that had somehow been missed when initially packed. And audio-visual material boxes being spread throughout the initial box list.

I took my handwritten notes and used them as puzzle pieces to figure out the best order. Some pieces were re-arranged, discussed, and moved again. Soon, the puzzle pieces fell into place and the larger image of the Institute of Outdoor Theatre’s Archives developed.


Order Boxes

Getting the folders all in order

Now comes the part of making sure the folders are in the correct order, adding the few materials that had slipped into the wrong place to their appropriate folder, and begin numbering the folders and re-housing them in archival boxes. From there, creating the actual finding aid and container list.


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