Numbers, Folders, and More Numbers

When last I updated, I had just figured out the series and order the folders were going to go in and was working to rearrange them. Well, in the ten days since, I have numbered just over 2100 folders. That’s a lot of folders. It is far from the glamorous part of this job; in fact, at times it is downright tedious and boring. But it is essential. Every folder must be properly numbered and a running list of folder names, date ranges, and assigned number must be maintained. This list will become the container list, and it is only as useful to the researcher as I make it clear and accurate. Here is a preview of what the folder list looks like:

Folder List

How do I keep myself from going crazy? There have been a few times when that was not possible – I’ve given up numbering for the day and worked on figuring out the actual folder number for digitized items so it can be corrected. (Because folder numbers were not known at the beginning, items were digitized assigned a place holding number until the correct folder number was determined.) I try to get up every hour or so to stretch and just look at something other than “#1250.220.e” and “IOT Archives.” Even if I just walk around the offices, it is something. While numbering the folders I have worked in relative silence, listening to music, or the one I find most enjoyable is to listen to podcasts. And generally the podcasts I listen to are nothing very serious (ok, I have been listening to Disney podcasts, and if you know me this should not come as a surprise whatsoever).

This is what my work area looks like on a daily basis.

This is what my work area looks like on a daily basis.

After ten days, I believe I am just over halfway through the folders. I would love to have everything numbered by the start of August, but I do not think that is a realistic goal. I think by the first half of the second week in August is a much more doable timeline, but any time before than would be amazing.

Until next time, I am off to continue numbering. #1250.239.a, #1250.239.b, #1250.239.c….

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