Done Labeling (Almost)

Over 3,400 folders labeled. It took longer than I had hoped, but with the exception of oversized items, everything has been assigned a number. Audio-visual items took longer than I had anticipated because some had to be rearranged into alphabetical order while others were put in an archival box, but then I found a different archival box that would fit them better. So there was a couple of times that I ended up moving materials twice into archival boxes. Let me break down some of the numbers:

  • 3,437 folders
  • 425 boxes (of varying size)
  • 103 audio cassettes
  • 89 audio reels
  • 93 CDs
  • 41 floppy disks (3 ½” and 5 ¼”)
  • 80 film reels
  • 5 records
  • 131 VHS and DVDs
  • Over 6,000 slides

There are items from as early as 1921 (Pilgrim Pageant in Massachusetts, which was featured in this blog post) to this year. That is 95 years represented in this one collection. It was an entirely different world back then. Photographs are one way to see this evolution. The early photographs are in black and white, and at times can be grainy, and now most photographs are digital, in color, and highly detailed. Both ends of the timeline, along with thousands (I am not even going to try to estimate exactly how many photos are in this collection) from in between, including slides, are available in the Institute of Outdoor Theatre’s archives.

IMG_5698 IMG_5701









What do I do now? Well, after I did a small celebratory dance that folder numbering is done, I am starting with the oversized materials. I have an inventory of all the oversized materials, I just now need to put them into their proper order. The vast majority correspond to a production represented in all of the state files. What will make this process of sorting and rehousing the oversized materials into archival boxes or oversized folders is there are both rolled and flat items. If a production has an item rolled and a flat item, I will need to make a decision on how they will be described in the finding aid – do I list them separately? Flatten the rolled item? Roll the flat item? I am hoping this will not be a big issue, but I won’t know for certain until I start sorting all of the oversized items.

Oversized 1

Just a portion of the oversized materials

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