Update on Oversized Materials


All the oversized materials

The oversized materials have been a bit tricky to figure out how to store. There is a vast amount of oversized materials and a variety of formats: posters, photos, blueprints, foam core, etc. The oversized materials came to the library in a few boxes, but were all together. Originally, I had sorted them by state. It made sense to me since most of the material corresponded to specific productions and theatres. But with all of it sorted that way, I really wasn’t sure how to store the material. Some productions had rolled and unrolled items, blueprints, and photos. From a conservation and preservation standpoint, they should not be co-mingling. So, it was back to the figurative drawing board. Through discussions with the conservator, digital librarian (who works with the finding aids), and manuscript archivist, a new plan was devised. Create a new series of oversized materials, sort them by type, and list the items included. It makes for a little more work right now, but I think it will ultimately be better for researchers.

Oversized by Type

Oversized materials sorted by type

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