Less Than a Month to Go

The NHPRC grant project is starting to wind down and is in its last month. I know I have said it many times before, but I cannot believe how fast this project has gone by. The good news is that the project is well ahead of schedule. There are a few little things to finish up with the finding aid, including calculating the extent and triple checking the folder list and notes, and to put the last handful of oversized items into a folder and their new permanent home. But other than those small things, the project is complete and I would say it has been successful.

In part because the project has been ahead of schedule, I am working on creating an exhibit for the fourth floor of Joyner Library. The exhibit – the name is still a work in progress – will open in January. I am fortunate that I will still be at ECU at that time and will be able to help install the exhibit and see my vision come to fruition. The exhibit is not in a finished state on paper right now by any means, but it is really beginning to take shape and I can envision the overall look. A history of the Institute of Outdoor Theatre will set the stage (no pun intended) for visitors in the initial display cases. The other cases will highlight outdoor productions across North Carolina: The Lost Colony, Strike at the Wind, Sword of Peace, Horn in the West, Unto These Hills, and Montford Park Players. As the exhibit gets closer and solidifies, I will try to post again with more information.

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