OneStop…But Waaaaay Better

OneStop goes one better.

For the last decade, OneStop has been the mainstay of pirate business. Using OneStop, students register, check grades and financial aid, while staff access tax information, payroll deductions and parking registration. But with its outdated, unwieldy interface, OneStop just isn’t as user-friendly as it could be.

Enter Pirate Port.

With full implementation slated for Fall 2013, Pirate Port boasts a new, image-rich, customizable interface that includes apps, widgets, pages, My Links, messaging and more.

Below is a quick introduction to the new features, but you can also log in to for a sneak peek.


The public interface sports news and events, links for prospective students, an online campus tour and more. There’s also a link to create an account and apply to ECU.

When Pirates (students and staff) sign in, they see a default page that includes My Widgets, My Apps, the pages drawer and message center.

Pirate Port Widgets and Apps


Unlike OneStop’s portlets, with cramped boxes of content and scant¬†customization, Pirate Port uses mini applications – widgets – which users drag and drop anywhere on the page. No menus or confusing buttons. No admin page with confusing instructions. Just drag and drop.

Widgets also support any screen resolution, so your page is readable on your laptop, iPad or mobile phone.


Like widgets, apps also add functionality to the Pirate Port experience. For example, the News app is a collection of ECU RSS feeds concerning news, sports, and events.  Simply click the desired tab to view the available feeds

The Pages Drawer

Pirate Port Toolbar

Is your Pirate Port default page cluttered beyond belief?

No problem. Open the tool drawer and add a page. Then arrange your apps and widgets the way YOU need them.

Message Center

Ever had a “hold tag” on your account? Need a vaccination from Student Health?¬† The Message Center allows Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, Joyner Library, etc., to contact you with important, ECU-related business. You’ll know about that hold tag before it’s time to register!

Future Features

The Pirate Port team is working to develop new features such as the “Friends List.” The goal is to make Pirate Port a one-stop (but not OneStop), user-centered home for all your Pirate business.

Timeline for Students

Spring 2013
Student pilot is now in full swing. Most apps and widgets are functional. The message center and friends list will launch during Summer 2013.

Fall 2013
Full implementation for students.

Timeline for Faculty/Staff

At this time, faculty and staff can log in to the default page and use public apps and widgets, but the Banner Self Service app is not functional at this time.

Pilot and full launch will be announced at a later date.

About Belinda Perkinson

Belinda works with the ITCS Training and Communications team at East Carolina University.
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