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Pirate Port’s newest app now released for faculty/staff

The newest feature in ECU’s OneStop upgrade, Pirate Port, is the Piratedrive app.  The Piratedrive app allows you to maintain both your personal folders and any department folders to which you have access. 

Available on campus or off campus through Pirate Port (no virtual private network required), this interface allows you to upload and download files, create new folders and link (also called, map) to department folders.

Let’s take a look…

Use the Tools

After logging in to http://pirateport.ecu.edu, click the “My Apps” button (top of the screen) and then click the Piratedrive icon to open the interface.  Pirate Port apps open in a full window. 

Piratedrive Tools

One click opens a folder.  Click an individual file, and it copies to the download folder on your device.  Check multiple files or a folder, and click the download button for a zipped file.

Uploading files and creating new folders is a breeze.  Expand the appropriate folder, then click either the Create Folder or Upload tool button and follow the dialog boxes.

Map to Another Piratedrive Folder

The Configuration tool button allows you to create a link (also called mapping a drive) to any department folders to which you already have access.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the Configuration tool button
  2. Type the path of the new folder – notice the slashes lean to the left and the first part, \\Piratedrive\, is already added for you. 
    Example: \\PirateDrive\itcs\academicTechnologies\team-Communications
  3. Click the Add button

Map a drive







Close the App

To close the app and return to your Pirate Port page, click the three-bar icon at the top of the screen and choose, Exit App.

Exit Piratedrive app





Log in or View the Demo

Newly released for ECU faculty and staff, the Piratedrive app is one simple, convenient way to access ECU files securely from just about anywhere!

Log in to view your page at http://pirateport.ecu.edu.  To view a demonstration video of Pirate Port’s features and the Piratedrive app, visit http://winmedia.ecu.edu/itcs-learningcenter/PiratePortPiratedrive/PiratePortPiratedrive.html

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Belinda works with the ITCS Training and Communications team at East Carolina University.
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