Faculty Authors

Marjorie Ringler with the Department of Educational Leadership, left, is congratulated by Provost Marilyn Sheerer during the first Academic Affairs Faculty Book Awards recognition, hosted by Joyner Library.

Joyner Library hosts inaugural program honoring faculty authors

The inaugural program at J.Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University honoring faculty members who published books during the previous year recognized 38 faculty members Thursday.

The Academic Affairs Faculty Book Awards event honored faculty in the colleges and schools that are part of the Division of Academic Affairs. The awards recognized peer-reviewed books authored, co-authored or edited by ECU faculty and published between July 1, 2009, and July 30, 2010.

“Publishing a scholarly book is a significant professional achievement for university faculty. We want to recognize our scholars and reward them for their research efforts. The library is an important partner in the creation of scholarly output so it’s a natural fit for us to host such an event,” said Dr. Larry Boyer, dean of Academic Library and Learning Resources.

Provost Marilyn Sheerer was at the event to congratulate the honorees. “Acknowledging our faculty who authored books is one of the most important activities in which we could engage,” she said. “Book publication represents one of our highest forms of scholarship and faculty should be duly recognized.”

Faculty members honored are as follows:

Eric Bailey, Dept. of Anthropology; Alice Arnold, School of Art and Design; Jessica Christie, School of Art and Design; Elizabeth Hodge, Dept. of Business and Information Technologies Education; Huanqing Lu, Dept. of Construction Management; Elizabeth Fogarty, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary Education; Mark L’Esperance, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction – English History and Middle Grades; Peggy Yates, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary Education; Andrzej Grodner, Dept. of Economics; Anna Froula, Dept. of English: Film Studies; Donald Palumbo, Dept. of English; Margaret Bauer, Dept. of English; Wendy Sharer, Dept. of English; Kirk St. Amant, Dept. of English; Ken Parille, Dept. of English.

And Catherine Smith, Dept. of English; Tarek Abdel-Salam, Dept. of Engineering; Ed Howard, Dept. of Engineering; Katie Ford, Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature – Spanish; Peter Standish, Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature – Spanish; Glen Gilbert, College of Health and Human Performance; Christopher Oakley, Dept. of History; Larry Tise, Dept. of History; Hal Holloman, Dept. of Educational Leadership; Crystal Chambers, Dept. of Higher, Adult, and Counselor Education; Marjorie Ringler, Dept. of Educational Leadership; David Siegel, Dept. of Higher, Adult, and Counselor Education; David Hursh, Academic Library Services; Kaye Dotson, Dept. of Library Science; Jami Jones, Dept. of Library Science; John Kros, Dept. of Marketing & Supply Chain Management.

And Michael Bosse, Dept. of Mathematics, Science and Instructional Technology Education; Richard McCarty, Dept. of Philosophy; Altheia Cook, Dept. of Political Science; Peter Francia, Dept. of Political Science; Bonnie Mani, Dept. of Political Science; Debra Jordan, Dept. of Recreation and Leisure Studies; and David Knox, Dept. of Sociology.

Joyner Library collects, organizes, preserves and provides access to books for education, research and enrichment. A shelf in the circulation reading room has been designated to highlight books by ECU faculty, and all works are available for check out.

The program was made possible with support from the Office of the Provost.

Inspiration for this awards ceremony was drawn from the annual program of Laupus Library that recognizes scholarship by faculty in the ECU Division of Health Sciences.

For more information, contact Dawn Wainwright at 252-328-4090.



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