Fighting viruses

Research by Rachel Roper (Microbiology and Immunology) focuses on developing safe and effective vaccines and drugs to fight viral threats like the poxvirus. She and student K.E. Rehm just published an article describing work on an improved poxvirus vector vaccine platform. The article, “Deletion of the A35 gene from Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Increases Immunogenicity and Isotype Switching,”appeared in the journal, Vaccine.


One thought on “Fighting viruses

  1. This article by Rachel Roper is a gem. Couldn’t have been written better and what important development! It never ceases to amaze how thousands of highly intelligent humans can be held hostage to a dumb but potent organism that is all but “not there”. If only ALL our society could work coherently together to eradicate the real terrorists in our midst, no matter how microscopic.

    All the best of British luck to you.

    Adore the minimalist design of your internet site, just for the record. In the illustrious words of our endearing Arnie, “I’ll be back” (if you’ll have me)

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