Pantelidis retires with emerita status

East Carolina University professor Dr. Veronica Pantelidis is retiring July 1 after 35 years of service to the university.

She has been appointed professor emerita by the Department of Library Science in the ECU College of Education, where she served as distinguished professor.

She was co-director of the Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory, co-editor of the refereed journal, “VR in the Schools,” and program coordinator for the graduate certificate in virtual reality in education and training.

Pantelidis received ECU’s 1999 Max Ray Joyner Award for Faculty Service through Continuing Education and the 2000-01 Distinguished Professor Award from ECU’s College of Education.

Recent publications include a co-authored book, “Virtual Reality in Education,” and a double issue of “Themese in Science and Technology.” Her publications on the use of virtual reality in education are available at the  Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory web site.



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