New online site created for history students, educators

A new online site for history educators and students at ECU is called The History Educator.

East Carolina University professors Dr. Larry Tise and Dr. Allen Guidry have created an online site for history educators and students. Entitled “The History Educator,” the site is available at

The site serves as an interactive tool and repository for research projects and writings from ECU faculty and students. The site includes a blog, network, discussion forum and links to additional sites of historical importance.

Tise said the site is a collaboration between historians and history educators at the university “to give recognition, continuing support and professional encouragement to history educators who have been awarded history education degrees from the university.”

“A further goal of the collaboration is to make a more effective use of those works that are already being accomplished by those rising and veteran history educators,” he said.

Tise said the site was designed for history educators, as a place that encourages active collaboration, promotes discussion of ideas and concerns, offers tools and assistance and provides a venue for them to display their research.

Tise is a professor of history in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. Guidry is a professor in the ECU College of Education.




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