PA Studies names new chair

Dr. Alan F. Gindoff was named chair and program director of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies in the College of Allied Health Sciences.

Gindoff was previously on the faculty at the School of PA Studies at the University of Florida. He completed his PA training at Wake Forest University. He holds a bachelor’s in zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University, a master of physician assistant studies from the University of Nebraska and a doctor of health science degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Gindoff’s academic and research interests include glomerulonephritis and migraine headaches. In the academic arena he is particularly interested in mentoring and remediation. As a result of the latter interest, in 2004 Dr. Gindoff established an academic support program at the University of Florida which has had positive outcomes for dozens of PA students. His past clinical experience has been in urgent care, family practice, emergency medicine, pediatrics and student health.


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