Production and Perception of Speech Sounds Holt Lab

Welcome to the lab!!

Production and Perception of Speech Sounds is the online presence of  the Sociophonetic Acoustic Research of Non-mainstream American English (NMAE) conducted by Yolanda Holt PhD CCC-SLP and colleagues. We are interested in learning about the sounds of language as they are used and interpreted by groups of American English speakers. Non-mainstream American English includes varieties such as African American English, AAE, Southern American English, SoAE, and Appalachian English, AppE. In particular we are interested in exploring hypotheses related to second dialect acquisition of children learning Mainstream American English, MAE, as a second dialect;  and the interaction between NMAE and literacy acquisition. Please check in from time to time to read about the progress we are making. Get involved by contributing a speech sample. We look forward to seeing you again!