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CSDI 6108. Seminar In Articulation/Phonology Disorders (3) P: Undergraduate course in articulation/phonology or consent of instructor. Phonologic/articulatory development and disorders, the dynamics of articulatory production, phonetics as clinical tool, nature and development of normal and defective articulation/phonology. Contemporary scientific methodology technology, and research in appraisal and treatment of phonological/articulatory disorders.

CSDI 3010. Phonetics (3) (F) P: CSDI major or minor, CSDI 2100; PSYC 1000; or consent of instructor. Applied phonetics using International Phonetic Alphabet and pertinent modifications. Detailed descriptions of American English speech sounds and transcription of contextual speech representing mainstream and nonmainstream dialects. Transcription abilities developed to assess and treat speech disorders.


CSDI 3050. Acquisition and Development of Phonology and Articulation (3) (S) P: CSDI 3010, 3030 or consent of instructor. Emphasis on birth to five years and critical periods through the early teen years. Content areas include birth cry, babbling, cross linguistic and universal patterns of acquisition, morphophonology, metaphonology, historical and contemporary normative data issues and interrelation of normal phonological development with other areas of language growth.