Oral Presentation

Instructions for all Oral Presentations


Face-to-Face Oral Presentations

The 2015 Conference offers two options, face-to-face oral presentations and online presentations recorded in SabaMeetng (formerly Centra). Below are directions for the face-to-face option.   

Plan to be present before your category session begins.  We suggest arrival at Mendenhall 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your scheduled session.  Check in at the coordinator table in Mendenhall and pick up your packet with name-tag.

Check in with the session moderator and let them know that you are present.  We suggest doing this 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your scheduled session.  If you have a media presentation such as a power-point, DVD, video, etc, be sure to be there in advance so that they can be loaded on to the computer; there will not be adequate time between presentations for loading purposes.  We are encouraging participants to bring presentations on USB flash drives to be used with a provided laptop computer.

Plan to speak for 12  minutes with 3 minutes for questions from the attendees.  If you are using PowerPoint slides during your presentation, aim for less than 15 slides  and practice keeping your talk time within the 12  minute time frame.

Computers and LCD projectors will be available for use on site.  If additional media equipment is needed, please provide a description of what you will need on your abstract submission form.

Note: In order for fair judging to occur, it is necessary that all parties adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. Early arrival and a working knowledge of necessary equipment are necessary for your work to be presented appropriately.  Additionally, it is necessary that you attend the entirety of your session so as to avoid interruptions to presentations of the persons sharing your session.  Be respectful of the work of others and treat your fellow presenters with such respect.

Online Oral Presentations

The RCAW Conference offers two options, face-to-face oral presentations, and online presentations.  The online presentations are recorded using the web conferencing program, SabaMeeting (formerly Centra) .  Below are directions for the Online option.  You will need to contact the SabaMeeting Administrator John Southworth at southworthj@ecu.edu (252-328-9089) or Matt Powell at powellma@ecu.edu (252-737-1264) to schedule a time for your recording (8:00 AM — 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday).  Presentations will only be available for recording once.  Rerecording or stopping and trying to record over a second time will not be allowed.   For more information/technical support, please visit the SabaMeeting Resource Center.

You may present your Oral Presentation online via SabaMeeting web conferencing software.  In SabaMeeting, you will have the ability to narrate a PowerPoint or series of images, play audio or video files, open a web browser or open any software program on your computer to showcase your work.  For this option, you will be recording your Oral Presentation in SabaMeeting and the playback file will be accessible online through the conference website.  To use SabaMeeting, all you need is a computer microphone (preferably a headset with an attached microphone) and a computer with an Internet connection.

We strongly recommend that you view an online training session before you record in SabaMeeting.  To view the Student Presentation training session, please click here.  To view an entire training session on SabaMeeting (2 hour complete training), please click here.  If you will be using a PowerPoint presentation, you will need to submit this to us in advance of your recording so that we can upload it to your SabaMeeting recording event.  If you would like to include an audio or video clip in your presentation, you will need to either send it to us as a separate file, or send us a link to the audio or video clip. Then let us know where to place the file within your presentation.

All SabaMeeting Online Oral Presentations will need to be recorded by March 16, 2015 to allow the SabaMeeting staff sufficient time to assist you as needed throughout the recording process and for administrators to make your presentation available on the conference website.  Once your recording is complete, please contact administrator John Southworth at southworthj@ecu.edu or by phone at 252-328-9089 (8:00 AM — 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday) so that he can give your judge access to your recorded event.

Question and answer sessions for the Online Oral Presentations will occur on the Conference website.  All of this information will be given to you a week before RCAW begins.  During the judging of your presentation, you will be required to monitor your page and respond to questions and/or comments by your judge or judges for a specified 24 hour time period.