2nd/3rd Grade Camp Sessions

Bibbity-Boppity Science

Are you ready to explore the Disney side of science? The campers will be led through different days of science experiments from Disney movies! Each day will be a different theme- The Little Mermaid day will be water experiments, A Bug’s Life day will be plant activities, The Lion King day will be animal activities, Cars day will be physics experiments, and Frozen day will be weather experiments

Hoot and Holler

Campers will explore the wonders of owls within this camp. They will not only discover the different types of owls, but will also learn how to make their own owl sounds, explore and construct owl pellets and re-create their own life-size owl wings. Come ready to hoot and holler about the mysterious owls that might live within your own backyard.

Science as Art

The summer camp content has a week of hands-on and art based learning activities that challenge as well as engage students. The curriculum incorporates science, art, technology and history through inquiry based and integrated learning activities. Our curriculum in the arts, sciences, history and technology offers campers in-depth instruction, hands-on experiences, and projects designed to reinforce and illustrate content. From exploring outside to designing a pendulum, the Arts, Sciences, History & Technology Camp curriculum is designed to challenge, enlighten, and engage our campers.

Habitat Hunters

Hello Campers! Today you’re going to begin your journey around the wonderful state of North Carolina to see all the different habitats that it has to offer. In these habitats we will be exploring the interesting creatures that call it home and the different plant life that each habitat has living in it. We will be journeying to different lands to explore and embark on adventures where we may just be lucky enough to catch some of these cool critters that live in these habitats. Now get those bags packed, science thinking caps on, and get ready to explore the wild habitats of North Carolina!


Explore the world of LEGOS by challenging each other to build and create various simple machines. Students will learn the art of designing successful structures through challenges utilizing various force requirements. Come and explore physical science through the use of LEGOS.

4th/5th Grade Camp Sessions

Our GREAT State

Campers will take an exciting journey through North Carolina! On this journey they will adventure through the different regions of North Carolina, learning about what each region has to offer. We will start in the mountain and end at the coast, each day we will tackle a new region. This journey will consist of a field trip, a virtual aquarium visit, and lots of hands on activities, to make kids aware of what all this great state has to offer! Grab your ski coats and skis as we travel to the mountains to begin our camp!

Harry Potter

Don’t miss Platform 9 ¾ for this exciting adventure into Harry Potters World. Go beyond Hogwarts and dive into Professors Snapes Potion collections. Don’t get caught wandering without your Marauders map and whatever you do take careful care of the Magical Creatures.

Heat, Light, Sound, OH MY

Have you ever wondered where energy comes from? What energy is? How we save it? Through this camp, students will explore three main sources of energy including heat, light, and sound. Campers will take part in testing alternative energy sources, harnessing the sun’s power to cook their own food, and testing energy efficient products. Later in the week campers will explore energy conservation? Join us this summer to uncover the truth about the future of energy in the U.S. and the world.

The Science behind Sports

Athletes run faster, throw harder and jump higher than they ever have in human history. Our bodies haven’t changed but the science of understanding the body has. Join us and explore the science behind resistance training and lung capacity and why eating so much really isn’t all that bad when you are in motion.


Time to take Americas favorite toy and add some motion to it. No longer is it just about building a bridge and house. That’s kids stuff. In Legomotion is all about using easy computer programming to give motion to what you build!

6th/7th/8th Grade Camp Sessions

Egyptian Civilizations

Are you ready to take an adventure 5,000 years in time during the Ancient Egyptian civilization? The time when the Egyptians spent long hours building and moving heavy blocks to build the Pyramids, mummifying their Kings, and writing in their unique alphabet, called Hieroglyphics? It’s your turn to walk a day in their shoes and live like the Ancient Egyptians did!

North, South, East, and West Navigation is the Best!

Campers will use technology to learn how to navigate the world. They will learn about and participate in geocaching. They will create their own compasses and learn how to use them effectively. Campers will know how to be navigators!

Chopped Kitchen (Culinary Creators)

Gain a delicious sense of accomplishment and a lifelong appreciation for everything in the kitchen . Get down to basics of why yeast rises to create the perfect pizza to something a little more delicious like Saltwater taffy. Not only will we be exploring the hows, whys and whats of cooking but a little about our tastebuds as well.

The Amazing Race

Can you make it through the journey? Use your engineering skills to travel the world and solve problems or get stuck trying. It is the race to be THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.


Come and spend the week disproving the myths of science! Ask the questions, design the investigation, explore, and then either bust the myth or be busted! The camp you will never forget.