4th/5th Grade Camp Sessions

June 22-26

July 6-10

July 13-17


Our GREAT State! The Science behind Sports Heat, Light, Sound, OH MY!


Harry Potter Legomotion Harry Potter

Our GREAT State

Campers will take an exciting journey through North Carolina! On this journey they will adventure through the different regions of North Carolina, learning about what each region has to offer. We will start in the mountain and end at the coast, each day we will tackle a new region. This journey will consist of a field trip, a virtual aquarium visit, and lots of hands on activities, to make kids aware of what all this great state has to offer! Grab your ski coats and skis as we travel to the mountains to begin our camp!

Harry Potter

Don’t miss Platform 9 ¾ for this exciting adventure into Harry Potters World. Go beyond Hogwarts and dive into Professors Snapes Potion collections. Don’t get caught wandering without your Marauders map and whatever you do take careful care of the Magical Creatures.

Heat, Light, Sound, OH MY

Have you ever wondered where energy comes from? What energy is? How we save it? Through this camp, students will explore three main sources of energy including heat, light, and sound. Campers will take part in testing alternative energy sources, harnessing the sun’s power to cook their own food, and testing energy efficient products. Later in the week campers will explore energy conservation? Join us this summer to uncover the truth about the future of energy in the U.S. and the world.

The Science behind Sports

Athletes run faster, throw harder and jump higher than they ever have in human history. Our bodies haven’t changed but the science of understanding the body has. Join us and explore the science behind resistance training and lung capacity and why eating so much really isn’t all that bad when you are in motion.


Time to take Americas favorite toy and add some motion to it. No longer is it just about building a bridge and house. That’s kids stuff. In Legomotion is all about using easy computer programming to give motion to what you build!

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