Sixth/Seventh/Eighth Grades Camp Sessions

June 22-26

July 6-10

July 13-17


Egyptian Civilization North, South, East, and West Navigation is the Best! Chopped Kitchen


Mythbusters Chopped Kitchen The Amazing Race

Egyptian Civilizations

Are you ready to take an adventure 5,000 years in time during the Ancient Egyptian civilization? The time when the Egyptians spent long hours building and moving heavy blocks to build the Pyramids, mummifying their Kings, and writing in their unique alphabet, called Hieroglyphics? It’s your turn to walk a day in their shoes and live like the Ancient Egyptians did!

North, South, East, and West Navigation is the Best!

Campers will use technology to learn how to navigate the world. They will learn about and participate in geocaching. They will create their own compasses and learn how to use them effectively. Campers will know how to be navigators!

Chopped Kitchen (Culinary Creators)

Gain a delicious sense of accomplishment and a lifelong appreciation for everything in the kitchen . Get down to basics of why yeast rises to create the perfect pizza to something a little more delicious like Saltwater taffy. Not only will we be exploring the hows, whys and whats of cooking but a little about our tastebuds as well.

The Amazing Race

Can you make it through the journey? Use your engineering skills to travel the world and solve problems or get stuck trying. It is the race to be THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.


Come and spend the week disproving the myths of science! Ask the questions, design the investigation, explore, and then either bust the myth or be busted! The camp you will never forget.

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