DO NOT respond to the “Final Last Warning” phishing scheme

WARNING! A recent phishing scheme warns victims their mailbox has exceeded its storage limit or quota, and that they will not be able to receive or send new emails until they re-validate. It asks the victim to send their email address, user ID, and password to a site by clicking on a link in the email.

Reminder: ITCS reminds users to avoid email scams, hoaxes and phishing schemes circulating on the Internet by not responding to such emails. Scams purporting to be from East Carolina University, Service Helpdesk, ECU IT, ECU Helpdesk, the Web Master, Webmail, the IRS, Your Financial Institution, etc. are bombarding email mailboxes. Although IronPort blocks the majority of such messages, some scams successfully reach your inbox.

  • NEVER provide personal or sensitive information in response to any unsolicited e-mail.
  • DO NOT open unsolicited e-mail attachments, no matter how realistic or enticing the message.
  • DO NOT click any links within unsolicited email messages.
  • If you receive such an email, Just delete it!


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    About Belinda Perkinson

    Belinda works with the ITCS Training and Communications team at East Carolina University.
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