Updating Your Operating System a Must

The importance of regularly updating your device’s operating system cannot be overemphasized. Connecting to the network with out-of-date software could have detrimental consequences for you and the ECU network. Have questions? Contact the IT Help Desk – 252.328.9866 – or visit the ACE Student Computer Support office on your campus.

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Web Browser Security

It is important to understand the functionality and features of your Web browser. To keep your browser secure, follow these steps:  1) Clear browser cache  2) ALWAYS enable a pop-up blocker , 3) NEVER enable the Remember my Password feature.

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Think Before You Post

Most employers – nearly half – are now using social media to screen job applicants. If the employer sees something inappropriate on a candidate’s social media site, there’s a good chance that candidate won’t be called in for an interview. So, always think before you post and keep in mind who will be looking at your posts.

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