The School of Art and Design Media Center Media Center serves as a liaison to ECU’s Joyner Library managing and developing the SoAD collections, and works with SoAD faculty in matters requiring Media Center support for curriculum.


In 1967 the art library began with a few donated books, several periodical subscriptions, and 10,000 unclassified art slides. Initiated by Elizabeth Ross, faculty emeritus, the small two room office/library began to grow. By 1976 the art library reached about 15,000 slides. After a move from Rawl building to the Jenkins Fine Art building the art library moved into its present facility.

Since then the Media Center has changed with technology to include a range of resources for the use of both students and faculty. The Media Center also produces and manages some digital resources for the school, and continues to house many of the SoAD ’s collections including periodicals, reference, slides, video, and other resource materials for art study. An area is provided for reading, group study and break from busy school schedules. Take a few minutes to become familiar with our resources.