Internships are short-term learning experiences that occur in the workplace environment. Student interns are afforded the opportunity to explore their career interests, perform entry-level duties for a business or organization, and develop their professional skills.  The SoC Internship Course (COMM 4091/4092) offers internship opportunities with newspapers, advertising agencies, broadcasting stations, public relations offices, magazines, non-profit organizations, and other professional businesses.Examples of local businesses and organizations where SoC students have interned include the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, The Daily Reflector, Pirate Radio, and Uptown Greenville, WITN, WNCT, WCTI, and Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Students have also interned across the coutnry at the American Bar Association, America’s Most Wanted, BET (Black Entertainment Television), CBS News (New York City), the David Letterman Show, Lowe’s Motor Speedway, The New England Patriots, and Freemantle Media. 

 The School maintains an updated list of internship sites available on the SoC Website.

Students electing the internship-for-credit option must enroll in COMM4091 or 4092 and complete the application process by the beginning of the internship semester.  Upon completion of the internship requirements, students will receive 3 credits. A minimum of 140 hours of internship experience are required. Valuing the experience, many students choose to serve more than the minimum number of hours at their internship location.

The Internship courses are offered each semester, including summer sessions. In order to enroll in COMM 4091/4092, students must have completed their sophomore year and 18 s.h. in COMM courses. COMM students may earn a maximum of 6 hours of credit for internships during their course of study.  

Students may elect to participate in internships NOT for credit during their time at ECU. The School of Communication is not involved in these internships other than helping you find prospective internship opportunities.

The following information sheets and forms will help you to navigate the internship-for-credit process:

Internship Information Sheets and Links

For More Information

Contact the SOC Internship Coordinator, Dr. Mary Tucker-McLaughlin at tuckermclaughlinm@ecu.edu or 252.737.1559

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